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Warsaw. The Memorial Chamber is being established at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery. Program support of the Museum of Warsaw

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The Museum of Warsaw has informed that the Memorial Chamber, which is being built at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery in Wola, will be its new branch. The opening of the chamber is planned for the middle of this year.

The Memorial Chamber at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery was established on the initiative of the Social Committee for the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery, chaired by Wanda Traczyk-Stawska. The cornerstone was laid in July 2021. The Museum of Warsaw has informed that construction works are currently underway on the complex designed by Piotr Bujnowski. The facility took care of the program of the emerging Memorial Chamber.

The Museum of Warsaw recalled in the announcement that the chamber will consist of two pavilions and a Wall of Remembrance, on which there will be over 62,000 brass plaques with the names of civilians and soldiers killed during the Warsaw Uprising, as well as blank plaques with there will be more names. It was emphasized that one of the missions of the chamber will be to continue the process of identifying the victims, which was started by the State Archives and the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Construction of the Memorial Chamber at the Warsaw Insurgents CemeteryUM Warsaw

The Hall of Testimonies and the Hall of History

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The main building of the Memorial Chamber will be divided into two parts: the Testimony Room and the History Room. The History Room will be used to present the fate of the Wolski Cemetery – the largest military necropolis in Poland – from 1945 to our times. The activities of the social committee for the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery and former exhumation committees, whose efforts to restore the memory of this place led to the creation of the Memorial Room, will also be shown.

In turn, in the Testimony Hall, there will be a multimedia installation by Krzysztof Wodiczko, visual artist, lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and an art theorist. The Museum of Warsaw announces that Wodliczko will create an audiovisual work based on hours of conversations with people who were affected by the trauma of the Warsaw Uprising. They are civilians and soldiers of the uprising, as well as representatives of the younger generations, who still bear the stigma of those events in a non-obvious way.

– We want the Memorial Room to become not only a place of preservation of the victims of the Warsaw Uprising from oblivion, but also a space for debate on conflicts and processes of dialogue, commemoration and living memory. Here, adults, children and adolescents will be able to develop attitudes of respect for others, tolerance, understanding and community – said Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska, director of the Museum of Warsaw.

It will be possible to enter the Memorial Room from the side of the cemetery, the park and from Wolska Street, where a smaller pavilion will be located, with a bookstore, a cafe and an information point. The opening of the Memorial Chamber is scheduled for mid-2022. The cost of the investment is PLN 23 million.

Memorial Chamber at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery – visualizationMuseum of Warsaw

Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery

The Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery – the largest war necropolis in Poland – was established in 1945. Over 100,000 killed in the Warsaw Uprising, mainly civilians, are buried there. Losses among the civilian population were enormous and amounted to – according to historians – about 180,000 killed (about 18,000 of the insurgents were killed). The surviving inhabitants of Warsaw (about half a million) were driven out of the city, which was burnt down and destroyed after the uprising.

Main photo source: Museum of Warsaw

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