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Warsaw. The Miniature Park is destroyed. Will the city help?

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The Miniature Park has been wandering around Warsaw for years. Recently, vandals have also been a problem, demolishing and scratching models of buildings. But private initiative cannot count on the city’s help. – We are bound by a specific legal framework, we cannot dispose of the money of the local government in a discretionary manner – explains the town hall.

With a great response from the readers met our Sunday text about the Miniature Park. Models of pre-war buildings have been devastated, and the fenced area in which they are located is a place of regular libations. The owner informed that the repair of the meticulously reconstructed mock-ups would cost about one hundred thousand zlotys. He also reminded that the park still does not have the right place to present the miniatures. We decided to ask the officials if there was a possibility to support the Varsavian initiative.

“The city has no land”

– We have a whole range of programs supporting private cultural ventures, as well as creators directly. Grant contests are organized with this in mind. However, in the local government, we have a specific legal framework in which we can dispose of public funds, therefore – with full recognition for the Miniature Park – we cannot dispose of the local government’s money in a discretionary manner – replied the spokeswoman for the town hall, Monika Beuth-Lutyk. – As for the terrain, the topic has been discussed for years. There were various proposals, but in fact the city does not have an area that would be suitable and meet the expectations as a target for this project – she added.

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Also, the capital’s conservator of monuments, Michał Krasucki, admitted that there is no simple help mechanism. He recalled that the project was private. – Therefore, the only support models are: subsidies, municipal premises rental. We do not provide subsidies for the renovation of miniatures. As for the communal premises (or the square), perhaps it would be advisable to find some space in the city. However, it is unfortunately not within my remit. And like most readers, I am pained by the fact that these models, which have been worked on for so long and arduously, have been destroyed – added Krasucki. He noted that he would try to interest the city and district authorities in the fate of the Miniature Park. – But it is unlikely to change the mode in which such an initiative could be supported (excluding contests) – he concluded.

They have been wandering around Warsaw for years

The first miniature of the Miniature Park – the Saski Palace – was presented in 2014, in a display case behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Then the seat was located in the center of Warsaw in the former Wilhelm Landau Bank House at Senatorska Street. Models could be seen from 2015. The city, however, terminated the contract with the foundation, arguing it with arrears in payments. Later, the park operated in the garden of the Central Agricultural Library at Krakowskie Przedmieście, until it finally found its way to the Palace of Culture and Science, next to the entrance to the Świętokrzyska metro station. The plot is private.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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