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Warsaw. The National Health Fund has completed its inspection in the case of “Mamy Gynecologist”. Penalty to the hospital, amount

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The National Health Fund has completed the examination of the “Mamy Gynecologist” case. The National Health Fund called on the University Center for Women and Newborn Health of the Medical University of Warsaw to pay over PLN 25,000 as a penalty for incorrectly reported and settled hospitalization.

Mama Gynecologist, or Nicole Sochacki-Wójcicka, a doctor from the University Center for Women’s and Newborn Health at the Medical University of Warsaw, sparked a discussion on social media in early February, when she admitted in her Instagram account that she received friends and acquaintances in her office.

The recording disappeared from her account, but influencer Maja Staśko published it on her profile on the Tik Tok platform. “Why do my friends have examinations with me? It is normal that every doctor takes care of his family, his friends in his free time. (…) Everyone does this. I talked about it with the board, with the professor and it is normal This is also a way to shorten the queues and simply access the doctor” – we heard on the recording.

The National Health Fund demanded explanations from the hospital where Nicole Sochacki-Wójcicka works. An investigation has also been initiated and has just been completed.

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What irregularities were detected?

As we read in the release, after analyzing, among others, medical documentation and settlements of the University Center for Women’s and Newborn Health, the controllers found irregularities in the case of one hospitalization lasting ten days.

“According to the findings of the inspection, the treatment of ‘Mamy Gynecologist’ should take place as part of specialist (outpatient) care, and not in hospital conditions. In the hospital, the only form of care recorded in the medical records for the entire 10 days of hospitalization was the control of the patient’s general condition. medical observation and on the day of discharge. Despite the lack of any grounds that would be recorded by the facility, the hospitalization was reported by UCZKiN to the National Health Fund, thus financed from public funds, “the National Health Fund reports in a statement.

According to the fund, this is a violation of the Act on health care services financed from public funds, which is why the hospital was fined PLN 25.1 thousand. zloty. The facility has 14 days to pay the funds to the Mazowiecki Provincial Branch of the National Health Fund.

She accepted friends out of turn

The second issue examined by the inspectors was the admission of patients out of turn under the contract with the National Health Fund.

However, as we read in the release, the hospital “delayed” or “did not provide” the documentation required in this case. The facility, despite its promises – as claimed by the fund – also did not disclose the findings from the work of the internal team that was appointed by the facility’s authorities to investigate the matter.

Therefore, the National Health Fund decided to end the checks and initiate inspections at the facility, of which the hospital has already been informed.

“In the opinion of the National Health Fund, the behavior of Dr. Nicole Sochacki-Wójcicka is inappropriate and shows signs of a violation of the Code of Medical Ethics. Therefore, we informed the District Ombudsman for Professional Liability in Warsaw about the results of the investigation conducted by the National Health Fund” – said the FNZ in a press release.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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