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Warsaw. The number of wild boars in Warsaw is growing. The city is urging people not to feed them

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Since the beginning of the year, more than twice as many reports of wild boars have been registered in Warsaw than throughout 2021. The city appeals not to feed them, because forest animals should not come close to cities.

“Boars more and more often appear in places that are unusual for them, such as housing estates, city parks or playgrounds. This is also noticed by the residents themselves, who report the presence of these animals to the city services” – the city hall announced in a release. As indicated, only since the beginning of the year, local foresters have received almost 1,100 notifications in this matter. For comparison, last year there were almost 2.5 thousand applications, and in 2021 over half a thousand.

The city appeals not to feed wild boars and not to facilitate their access to food. “Scattering food leftovers or inadequate protection of garbage cans is an additional incentive for them to visit built-up areas. Animals should also not be provoked or approached, for example, to take a photo” – appeals to the city hall.

Actions encouraging wild boars to stay away from the city have been undertaken by Warsaw foresters for a long time: they enrich the foraging base in the forests and, if necessary, feed the animals. In the forests, there are also places for wild boar bathing, the so-called babrzyska.

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Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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