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Warsaw. The Parking Information System will appear in 19 locations. Three interested in expansion

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They will indicate the number of available parking spaces. 19 parking lots will be included in the system. This is about the Parking Information System. Three companies are interested in its expansion.

Currently, the capital's Parking Information System includes ZDM parking lots at Krasińskich and Waryńskiego Squares and operated by private operators: Złote Tarasy, Browary Warszawskie, and Interparking at Piękna 20.

This system includes, among others: boards displaying the number of available parking spaces.

Now the Municipal Roads Authority has opened offers in the tender for the first stage of construction of the Parking Information System. Three companies are interested in installing several dozen boards with information on the number of available spaces in public parking lots: Prestige Systems, mpTechnology and Aldesa. Their offers range from PLN 1.39 to PLN 3.11 million.

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It will appear in 19 locations

ZDM announced a tender for nearly 40 signs of the municipal system for 19 parking lots. This concerns the city's above-ground parking lot at the Palace of Culture and Science, and seven parking lots of the downtown Public Lands Authority: pl. Iron Gate, al. 3 Maja, Bednarska, Bugaj, Filtrowa, Myśliwiecka, Ptasia, 10 P+R car parks: Metro Wilanowska, al. Krakowska, Metro Stokłosy, Metro Ursynów, Metro Młociny I, II, III, IV, Połczyńska, PKP Żerań and parking lot being built under Powstańców Warszawy Square.

Map of parking lots that will be included in the SIPUM Warsaw

The second pillar of system development is to be cooperation with private partners. The costs of production, installation and maintenance of the boards are borne by the private entity. The benefits include better filling of the parking lot and the resulting greater order in the areas around a given place.

“According to the first analyzes of the operator of parking lots near Browary Warszawskie, Indigo Polska, immediately after launching the system, their average occupancy increased by 20 percent,” ZDM said.

Lighting in a new version

A tender for a street lighting control system is also underway. “With the new solution, it will be possible to control the energy supply 24 hours a day. This means over 100,000 potential power sources located along the capital's streets. Such potential can be used, among others, to power additional boards of the Parking Information System,” ZDM noted. .

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Rafał Trzaskowski about the parking lot at Powstańców Warszawy SquareTVN24

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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