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Warsaw. The Playground Club on the boulevards will be replaced by food trucks

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“The playground for this season is disappearing from the map of Warsaw. This is reality and we have to deal with it somehow” – wrote the club’s creators on social media. The management of the Greenery announced that the competition for the lease of this area was won by United Entertainment Enterprises, which – in accordance with the competition assumption – will put food trucks there.

“Dear and beloved !! Important message. We say goodbye, hoping to see you. We’ve been on the Vistula for 8 years, we’ve been through a lot, we’ve done a lot, we don’t regret anything, thank you for your presence, we apologize for mistakes. The Playground is disappearing from the map for this season. Warszawy “- we read in the entry of the Playground on Facebook. “This is reality and we have to deal with it somehow. We will continue to do concerts on Thursdays as part of Lado in the City, BarKa is in full swing, our other venues are closer or further” – added.

There will be food trucks there

The management of the club expressed the hope that maybe someday it will return to the Vistula and congratulated ZPR, which won the competition for the lease of this area. The club emphasized that it did not take part in the food truck competition, the owners were waiting for the possibility of renting the area for the club in order to continue their current activities. “To do concerts, theater, cinema, bicycle infrastructure, stretfood fairs, the best pizza on the Vistula River from Dwa Eight, Korean Fried Chicken from BAM korean street food, social and educational campaigns” – they exchanged.

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Earlier, already in the season, the Board of Greenery announced a competition for the lease of the area at Boulevard Grzymała-Siedleckie “intended for gastronomic activities from food trucks, supplemented with accompanying services”. According to ZZ, it is an undeveloped land property with an area of ​​845 square meters. Part of the plot belongs to the city and to the State Treasury.

The monthly net asking rent was PLN 17,900. There was a written competition for the lease of real estate, and the deadline for submitting offers was July 1.

On July 4, the competition committee announced that the competition for the lease for the period until September 30, 2022 and from April 1 to September 30, 2023 of a part of the property at Boulevard Grzymała – Siedleckiego was won by the offer submitted by United Przedsiębiorstwo Entertainment SA

Competition in the season, without publicity

Why did the popular club have to give way to food trucks? As explained at the beginning of July, Jan Piotrowski, the town hall’s plenipotentiary for the Vistula, the tenant’s contract ended in October. Later it turned out that he would not make it for this season. Officials decided to “give this place a breath and air it a bit for this season.” On June 15, without much publicity, ZZ announced a competition for the lease of a place on the Playground.

The competition documentation stated that the square would be intended for “a maximum of five food trucks with gastronomic gardens and a recreation area”. The selected company will also have to provide toilets and garbage cans (in the same arrangement as before, i.e. between the slope and the road).

Why was the competition not announced in the spring, so that the new host would have more time to prepare the offer and arrange the place before the start of the season, and not during it? At the beginning of July, Karolina Kwiecień-Łukaszewska, a spokeswoman for the Board of Greenland, explained to us that the procedure could not be started earlier, because talks with the current tenant were still underway in February. They concerned, inter alia, putting the area in order. Later, the competition was published on the ZZ website. – According to the contract, the new tenant is obliged to start operating within 14 days of signing the contract. Therefore, there is a good chance that food trucks will appear on the boulevard in July – announced the spokeswoman.

Shareholder in the media group

As we read on the website of the ZPR company, this company was founded in 1991 and from the very beginning its activity was related to “broadly understood entertainment.” Currently, the main areas of activity include: running the largest gaming casino network in Poland, running a gastronomic activity (restaurants and catering services) and hotel industry, organization of fairs and events, rental of commercial space “- we read on their website.

Directly or indirectly, the United Enterprise Entertainment SA company is also the main shareholder of numerous entities operating under the so-called ZPR Media Group. The main brands of the group are: radio ESKA, WaWa, VOX, Plus, Eska Rock, the Super Express daily and specialist magazines: “Murator”, “Architektura”, “Zdrowie”, websites: se.pl, finansnikzdrowie.pl eska.pl, muratordom.pl.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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