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Warsaw. The Poland-Hungary match at the National Stadium. Difficulties in Saska Kępa

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The match between Poland and Hungary will start on Monday at 20.45. But from 6.30 p.m. entry to Saska Kępa will be limited. After the meeting, in the event of the Poniatowski Bridge being excluded from traffic, trams and buses will be directed to the detour routes.

As announced in the announcement by the Public Transport Authority, between 18.30-20.45, with the exception of vehicles with the SK ID, ZTM vehicles, taxis and two-wheelers, the area of ​​Saska Kępa will be limited by the following streets: al. Poniatowskiego, al. Washington, International, al. Of the United States, Wał Miedzeszyński, Afrykańska and gen. Bora-Komorowski.

“According to the decision of the PGE Narodowy stadium operator, on Monday, November 15, the P + R car park will be closed. It will not be possible to leave cars along the railway embankment and in the adjacent areas” – informed the ZTM.

Changes in the running of trams and buses

From 18.30, if it is not possible to travel along the following streets: Zamoyskiego, Zamoście and Sokola, buses 102, 125 and 202 will go along Targowa and Kijowska streets to the Dworzec Wschodni stop. Line 135 will also run along Targowa Street, and buses 146 and 147 will go along al. Zieleniecka, while the E-1 route along the route: Świętokrzyski Bridge – Zajęcza – Topiel – Tamka – Świętokrzyski Bridge.

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After the game, around 10.30 p.m., in the event that the Józef Poniatowski Bridge is excluded from traffic, trams and buses will be directed to the roundabouts. Line compositions: 7, 22 and 25 They will go across the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge, and on the downtown side of the city center lines 9 and 24 will turn back at Plac Starynkiewicza terminus, and on the Praga side to the Ratuszowa-Zoo. Line buses: 111, 117, 158, 166, 507, 521, N22, N24 and N72 They will bypass the closed part of the routes by the Łazienkowski Bridge, while the lines will be bypassed 146 and 147 will run on al. Zieleniecka.

Additionally, a replacement bus line will be launched WITH on the route: Zawiszy Square – Al. Jerozolimskie – Nowy Świat – Al. Ujazdowskie – Trasa Łazienkowska – Wał Miedzeszyński – Zwycięzców – Saska – al. Washington – Wiatraczna.

At the end of the match, additional buses of the line will enter the route 509. From the Washington roundabout, you can take them towards Nowodwory and Gocław. There will also be more trams. From the stop Al. Zieleniecka line depots 3 will depart for Annopol, and the line 26 towards the Piaski estate. On the changed route Gocławek – Ratuszowa-Zoo passengers will be transported by trams of the line 9 and 24. Returning from the match will also be easier by the metro, whose trains will run more often – on the M1 line every five minutes, and on the M2 line every three minutes.

Fans with a ticket for the match will go for free

Fans with a match ticket and persons with accreditations issued by UEFA are entitled to free travel on Warsaw Public Transport vehicles and on Koleje Mazowieckie and Warsaw Commuter Railway within the limits of the first ZTM ticket zone and free use of the Park and Ride car parks, from 15 November from . 6.00 a.m., until November 16 at 1.00. On the match day, the P + R Warszawa Stadion car park will not be operating.

After the end of the match, for two hours – from 10.30 pm to 00.30 am – the tickets of ZTM and Koleje Mazowieckie will be mutually honored. Passengers with ZTM cardboard tickets, which have not been validated before, are obliged to validate them by permanently writing the date and time of the start of the journey on the back in a 24-hour format, i.e. 15.11 a.m. 23.25, and holders of tickets encoded on the Warsaw City Card must first activate them.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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