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Warsaw. The police arrested the wanted man. Drugs and weapons were found in his apartment

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The police have arrested a 49-year-old man who is wanted for arrest. During a search of his apartment, it turned out that the man had over three kilograms of drugs. He was also in possession of an unlicensed firearm, officials said.

Police officers from Ursynów worked to track down a 49-year-old wanted to serve a prison sentence, awarded by the District Court for Warsaw Mokotów. Once they had established his whereabouts, they decided to visit and detain him.

The officers, bearing in mind that the man could be dangerous, after 8:00 p.m. knocked on the apartment door. – Guessing that the knocking people are policemen, the 49-year-old managed to throw a closed bag through the window of the premises. However, he did not know that the discarded luggage would also fall into the hands of the police – informed Iwona Kijowska from the Warsaw II District Police Headquarters. After officers entered the apartment, the man was overpowered and arrested.

Police: in the apartment he had more than three kilograms of drugs and a gun

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– During the search, officers found in his apartment amphetamine weighing approximately 2,362 grams and psychotropic substances in the form of 4-CMC with a total weight of 845.74 grams. A pistol, a revolver and 64 rounds of ammunition were secured in the discarded bag, added Kijowska.

Items secured by the police KRP II

According to the police, the detained man was additionally wanted as the perpetrator of willful damage to the vehicle. The suspect was taken into police custody. The next day, he heard prosecutor’s charges of illegal possession of weapons and possession of a significant amount of psychoactive substances.

At the prosecutor’s request, the Mokotów court decided to pre-trial detention of the 49-year-old for a period of three months. He is facing a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The proceedings are supervised by the Warsaw Ursynów District Prosecutor’s Office.

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The police seized the drugs found in the 37-year-old’s apartmentKRP I

Main photo source: KRP II

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