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Warsaw. The police boast of a new police car… a photo taken on a parking ban

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The Warsaw traffic police has new cars and brags about them on Facebook. It was quickly pointed out to her that there was one serious problem with the photo of the police car. The car is parked illegally.

35 new hybrid cars the Warsaw Road Traffic Department received at the beginning of the year. They are supposed to be more ecological and economical. They also have a new painting – reflective yellow has been added to the gray and blue. The Warsaw traffic police is apparently happy with the new equipment, because on February 2, she changed the cover photo on her Facebook profile – it shows the proud profile of the hybrid suzuki.

“Vehicle in a place where parking is not allowed”

However, it quickly turned out that there is one problem with this promotion. “Piesza Polska” – a federation of social organizations working to improve the situation of pedestrians, pointed out that the car visible in the photo is parked incorrectly. “The vehicle is parked on the pavement, in a place where parking is not allowed. Fortunately, the capital’s traffic police officers were on site and have already photographed the vehicle” – the organization commented sarcastically on its profile (the ability to post comments under the photo of the police has been limited, but the photo itself has not disappeared ).

Indeed, the police car was photographed in a picturesque place – on the arch of the Markiewicz viaduct. There is a ban on stopping on this section of Karowa Street, additionally accompanied by information about the possibility of towing the vehicle. The police car has no signals turned on, so there is no indication that its driver had a reason for such parking other than “aesthetic”.

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It is forbidden to stop on the viaduct. Stanisław MarkiewiczTomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

“The photo is the basis for initiating proceedings”

We asked the Warsaw traffic police whether a photo of an incorrectly parked vehicle can be the basis for imposing a fine. – Each such report, the more documented, is the basis for initiating an investigation in this case – confirmed Gabriela Putyra from the press team of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

So we gave the press team a link to their own Facebook page asking if the police car driver would be punished. This time we only heard from Piotr Krat from the press team that “the mail has been processed”. We are waiting for its effects.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl, Facebook

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