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Warsaw. The police busted a gang of pimps

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The police busted a gang of pimps operating in two locations in Warsaw. Several people were charged with earning over a million zlotys from criminal activities. The gang rented premises where women provided sexual services.

According to the services, a gang of pimps operated for eight years, first in Mokotów and then in Bielany. It was created in 2014. It was founded by Marcin O.

The man first took over the premises where sexual services were provided from his father, Bartłomiej O.. The father charged the women working there 50 percent of the money they received from each customer. To encourage them to work for himself, his son introduced a flat-rate settlement system. The women were to pay him a fixed daily rate, regardless of the number of clients they received.

In return, they were provided with premises where they could provide sexual services, as well as protection, advertising and photo sessions. They also received telephone calls. Advertising and marketing were handled by the married couple Marcin and Wioletta O.

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Rented premises and security

Typically, interviews with interested women were conducted by the gang leader, who determined the rates for services provided to clients and the daily rate to be paid to the group. Its amount ranged from PLN 170 to PLN 650 per day.

“According to the instructions provided, the women placed the money in designated places (in the apartment, in the kitchen cabinet, in a mug in the kitchen or in the mailbox) or took it outside the block. The money was collected personally by Marcin O. or one of the persons authorized by him, i.e. mainly Adam W. – the boss's right hand; wife Wioletta O., as well as Aneta M. and Joanna P.” – said Szymon Banna, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.

Women working for the gang were also supposed to say when checked by the police that they were renting an apartment with a friend and working for themselves. They also don't know Marcin O.

The premises where women providing sexual services worked were rented by Paulina M., Joanna P. and Aneta Z. They received PLN 600 each month. The premises rented by the group were protected by Krzysztof G., associated with the criminal environment, who received a thousand zlotys for each premises.

They earned over a million for the gang

Working women earned over a million zlotys for the gang. The gang was tracked down by the capital's police.

The first apartment was rented by Paulina M., initially in exchange for PLN 3-4,000 a month, and then the amount was to depend on the girls' earnings. Together with Marcin O., they were to share the cost of renting the apartment half and half. Moreover, Paulina M. and her husband Damian M. also picked up girls who responded to the advertisements from the station and took them to their apartment. Four women worked in the place, and the daily wage was less than PLN 200. By February 2025, when the place was closed (the neighbors began to guess what was happening there), the gang had earned about PLN 15,000.

The pimps decided to expand their business by renting more premises and move to Bielany. Paulina M. earned almost PLN 40,000 for renting apartments.

The right hand and wife of the gang leader

From around 2018, Marcin O. began to introduce Adam W., who became his right-hand man, into criminal activities. Initially, he accompanied people to collect money from “house parties”, and then he drove alone.

A year later, Adam W. opened his own place from which he made profits. He also paid for protection himself. The operating pattern was similar. The apartment was rented by a friend from the estate, Joanna P. The woman also rented several other premises for the gang, for which she earned PLN 18,000. Aneta Z., who prostituted herself for the group, also rented apartments where other women provided sexual services.

Investigators found that the boss's wife, Wioletta O., played a significant role in the pimp gang. She collected money for the premises several times, posted advertisements, looked for apartments, was responsible for the content of the advertisements, and made purchases for the apartments. In 2021, Marcin O. met Aneta M., who came to Warsaw to work, responding to an advertisement, and established an intimate and private relationship with her. Now Aneta M. also received the money.

Fake car thefts

The gang also helped each other in other matters. Marcin O. had a Ford, which Adam W. repaired for his boss. The boss was not delighted with the results and asked his right-hand man for a refund of PLN 200,000 of debt incurred for, among others, purchase of car repair equipment.

Adam W. came up with the idea of ​​making the car “lost” – which he arranged with another friend from the estate – and the boss reported the theft to the police. As a result, he obtained over PLN 156,000 from the defrauded insurer.

Paulina M.'s friend, Adam T., a BMW owner who could not sell the car, struggled with a similar problem. Paulina asked her boss for help and during this time she used a BMW. The car is gone. And Paulina M. and her husband Damian M. gave false testimony about the theft of the car, even though they knew by whom it was taken. At the same time, the owner of the BMW, Adam T., reported the disappearance of the car to the insurer and demanded compensation.

“However, no compensation was paid due to doubts raised by the insurer's employees as to the actual occurrence of the event that was the basis for the compensation payment,” said prosecutor Banna.

Nine people were charged

Proc. Banna said that Marcin O. and Adam W. were charged with participating in an organized criminal group, profiting from someone else's prostitution and fraud. Five women: Paulina M., Aneta Z., Wioletta O., Joanna P. and Aneta M. were charged with participating in an organized criminal group and profiting from someone else's prostitution. Damian M. was charged with profiting from someone else's fornication and giving false testimony. Andrzej T. was charged with fraud.

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