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Warsaw. The police show a video of the “feats” of motorcyclists

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The Warsaw traffic police published a recording from a camera mounted in a police car. It shows the dangerous driving of motorcyclists on city streets. As the officers emphasize, drivers of two-wheelers significantly exceed the speed limit, and even drive without keeping their hands on the steering wheel.

As emphasized in the communication by the Traffic Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, with the arrival of nice weather, we meet more and more motorcyclists on the road. “Unfortunately, they do not always comply with applicable laws, including speed limits” – emphasize the police. And they show footage from the video recorder mounted in the police car.

“The recording shows how motorcyclists exceed the speed – one by 42 km / h (which carries a fine of PLN 1,000 and 11 points), the second by 75 km / h (PLN 2,500 and 15 points), and the third by 80 km / h (PLN 2,500 and 15 points). One of the motorcyclists also drove the vehicle without holding the steering wheel, which posed a threat to road safety (PLN 2,000 and 10 points)” – lists K. SP.

The police remind you that in accordance with Article 33, point two of the Road Traffic Act, “the driver of a bicycle, electric scooter and moped is forbidden to ride without keeping at least one hand on the steering wheel and legs on the pedals or footrests”.

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Officers emphasize that “by letting go of the steering wheel, we take away the ability to control the vehicle.”

Main photo source: KSP

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