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Warsaw. The police summarize the farmers’ strike and comment on the recordings

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On Thursday morning, the police referred to recordings that circulated online after the farmers’ protest and suggested that the officers reacted with aggression. – It was certainly not the police who were the attackers, it was not the police who provoked us, on the contrary, we had to defend ourselves – said Sub-Inspector Robert Szumiata from the downtown police station on Thursday.

Wednesday’s farmers’ protest got out of control. There were clashes between the participants and the police. – So far we have detained 52 people – Robert Szumiata said on Thursday morning. As the spokesman for the downtown police added, people were detained mainly for: violating the bodily integrity of a policeman, insulting and active assault.

Szumiata indicated that 14 policemen were injured. 13 of them returned home after treatment, one was detained in hospital. – He suffered serious head injuries. Most likely resulting from throwing paving stones and stones at the police, but not only road signs or other signs, he said.

“Alcohol increases aggression. Yesterday, of the 26 people detained, almost half were drunk. The record holder had 1.6 per mille of alcohol in his body,” the Warsaw Police Headquarters reported on the X platform.

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Farmers’ demonstration, arrestsPaweł Supernak/PAP

Footage of a policeman throwing something towards the crowd

Subinspector Szumiata assured that the police are still analyzing the recordings from Wednesday’s events.

– There is still a lot of work ahead of us, because the security is not completed – he emphasized. He pointed out that the analysis covers recordings from officers’ cameras, but also recordings that appear in public spaces. They will check whether anyone else has committed crimes or offenses.

When asked about the video that circulated on the Internet, showing a policeman throwing an object towards the crowd, he replied: – It’s too early to talk about details at this point. Of course, this recording is known to us and was secured and forwarded to the control team in order to analyze, see and check, above all, what happened.

He assured that the video in which the policemen knock down one of the protest participants is also being analyzed.

Robert Szumiata: the police were not the attackers

– It was certainly not the police who attacked and it was certainly not the police who provoked. On the contrary, you can see in the recordings that we had to defend ourselves. This aggression was directed not only towards policemen, but also towards the inhabitants of Warsaw. We know that a demonstrator got onto the balcony of one of the apartments, assured Sub-Inspector Szumiata. He also talked about the facades and windows of buildings where eggs, firecrackers and flares were thrown. According to the spokesman, it proves “the aggression of many people.”

Subinspector Szumiata also referred to rumors about non-uniformed policemen who were allegedly operating in the crowd and starting brawls. – We never provoke negative behavior. On the contrary: we try to tone them down, minimize all negative behavior (…) The photos that were shown to me and suggested that these were police officers from KRP I (i.e. the downtown District Police Headquarters Warsaw I – ed.), are not true – he denied.

He also referred to recordings showing protesters digging out pavement with flag poles. Who were these people? – We don’t know that yet (…) there is a lot of information in the media that flags are used in a way they shouldn’t be. There is an obvious lack of respect for national colors here, said the policeman.

KSP publishes recordings of the farmers’ protestKSP

Broken pavement. Rafał Trzaskowski: we estimate losses

The mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, also commented on aggressive behavior during the protest. – You’ve all seen these pictures. I regret that the second farmers’ protest has taken exactly this form. A week ago the form was peaceful and calm. Unfortunately, the police must respond to this type of behavior, said Trzaskowski. He assured that if the protests take place in accordance with the law, “there is no problem with it.”

He was also asked about the damage. – When the law is violated, we of course estimate the losses, even square meters of broken pavement. And yes, we will try to draw consequences against those who organize (the protest – ed.) – concluded the mayor of the capital.

Rafał Trzaskowski about the events during the farmers' protest

Rafał Trzaskowski about the events during the farmers’ protestTVN24

Main photo source: KSP

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