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Warsaw. The policewoman recognized the perpetrator of a burglary that took place five years ago

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The police interrogated two men who allegedly broke into the pavilion. In one of them, the officer recognized the perpetrator of a burglary from five years ago.

Jakub Pacyniak from the downtown police station said that police officers from Śródmieście detained two people suspected of burglarizing a shopping pavilion in Nowy Świat. The perpetrators stole various types of power tools worth nearly PLN 2,000.

The police detained a 24-year-old and a 58-year-old and took them to the downtown police station.

He confessed

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– During the operation, the policewoman recognized the 58-year-old as the perpetrator of a burglary that took place five years ago. Then the man broke into two cooling machines in a restaurant on Rybaki Street and stole several dozen cans of drinks from them. The suspect confessed to committing this crime, said Sgt. pcs Pacyniak.

Both detainees were charged with burglary. They may face up to 10 years in prison. The older of them will also be charged for a previous crime.

Main photo source: KRP I, Śródmieście

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