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Warsaw. The Polish Post is putting up another plot of land in Wola for auction. PO activists want control in the company

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Activists of the Warsaw structures of the Civic Platform demand explanations from the rulers regarding the planned auction of the real estate of Poczta Polska at Worcella Street in Wola. The district tried to have a part of this plot earmarked for the construction of a school.

The website of Poczta Polska published information about the auction of a plot of nearly 3.4 hectares at Worcella Street in Odolany. Its starting price was set at PLN 140 million. The auction is scheduled for June 1.

“The plot has an irregular shape. Flat area, overgrown with grassy vegetation and single trees, driveways and parking lots paved with asphalt. The property is developed with a complex of warehouse, office, industrial and technical buildings. The buildings are owned by Poczta Polska SA and arranged for the needs of tenants’ business activities (workshops cars, technical warehouses). The square is used as a parking lot for cars, coaches and as a maneuvering space. Some of the buildings are not used” – we read in the description of the plot on the website of Poczta Polska.

It also states that “with regard to the real estate in question, there are claims of the former owners under the Decree on the ownership and use of land in the area of ​​the capital city of Warsaw”.

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The district wants to build a school

As the activists of the Civic Platform from Warsaw point out, the rulers announced that cheap apartments for young people would be built on the plot, as part of the “Mieszkanie+” program, and part of it was to go to the local government to build a school there. – It is necessary to control and determine, above all, who convinced the post office management to sell the property – said Marcin Kierwiński, chairman of the Warsaw PO, quoted in the press release of the Wola town hall.

In turn, as the mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, reminded, the idea of ​​transferring part of this property to the district for the construction of a school was supported not only in the official position of the district council. Konstanty Radziwiłł, the Mazovian Voivode, also declared his support.

The authorities of the district are afraid that the decision of the Polish Post Office to sell the plot will thwart the plans to build the school. “The designation of real estate in this part of Odolany for public services, including education services, was even subject to amendments that the district submitted to the draft local spatial development plan for Odolany” – we read in the communiqué of the Wola office.

The plot of the Polish Post Office at WorcellaPolish Post

The post office found a buyer for a plot of land nearby

Last year, Poczta Polska was looking for a buyer for another plot nearby. It was about 2.4 hectares at Sowińskiego Street. The property was put up for auction with a starting price of PLN 110 million. It was won by the developer – Matexi Polska Sp. z o. o., which offered slightly over PLN 113 million. Initially, Poczta Polska tried to keep secret who submitted the most advantageous offer, hiding behind a trade secret. Outsiders, including journalists, were not allowed to attend the auction itself. Ultimately, the company’s data was revealed by the president of Poczta Polska, Krzysztof Falkowski, in response to the intervention of Michał Szczerba, MP from the Civic Coalition.

Previously, the plans for the plot at Sowińskiego Street were different. 450 flats for rent at lower than market prices were to be built there as part of the National Housing Program Mieszkanie+. – I am glad that it is on the land of Poczta Polska, as the first state-owned company, that the implementation of the investment will begin – said the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Adamczyk in July 2017.

However, no apartments from the government program were built there. As the representative of PFR Nieruchomości (previously from BGK Nieruchomości), with whom Poczta Polska signed an investment agreement, explained that this was due to the “unregulated legal status of real estate”.

As “Gazeta Stołeczna” found out, the Matexi company recently submitted an application to the capital’s town hall for the demolition of existing buildings.

The plot of the Polish Post Office at Sowińskiego Polish Post

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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