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Monday, November 29, 2021

Warsaw. The President of Warsaw, representatives of the Churches appeal for help for migrants

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The joint initiative of collecting for migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border was announced in a statement. It was signed by: the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski; the Archbishop of Warsaw, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz; the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich, and representatives of other Churches and religious communities.

“In recent weeks, we all look with sadness and anxiety to the East, where on the Polish-Belarusian border, migrants and refugees, including women, children and the elderly, experience pain, hunger and cold, are deprived of legal and medical care,” we read in the statement signed by the President of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, Archbishop of Warsaw, Card. Kazimierz Nycz, Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, Bishop of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church Jerzy Samec, Bishop of the Old Catholic Church Marek Maria Karol Babi, Rev. Bogdan Kruba from the Greek Catholic Church and Fr. Doroteusz Sawicki from the Orthodox Church.

The authors stressed that the situation in the border area “evokes a long-ago unprecedented impulse of solidarity towards the needy and harmed, and on the other hand, it raises a discussion about the refugee status.” However – according to them – “the complicated and multithreaded situation should not obscure the most important – the man who needs help here and now”.

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They want to show compassion and solidarity

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“That is why we – representatives of the churches and religious communities of Warsaw, together with the mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, want today, together with all people of good will, both believers and those who do not profess any religion, in a decisive way to show compassion and solidarity towards migrants and refugees in need” – they stressed.

“We are convinced that, above all arguments, in the discussion on the political aspects of the migration crisis, respect for every human person must triumph, and all our actions should be based on recognition of their inalienable dignity and motivated by the need for quick help” – they added.

The signatories of the letter appealed for supporting aid organizations, both religious and secular, which had already started their activities in the border area.

“We believe that the most important boundaries run through the human heart. These boundaries should always be open” – they noted.


Collection for migrants

On November 21, the chairman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, appealed to the organization of a nationwide fundraising event in churches. He announced that “the funds collected during this issue will be allocated – through Caritas Polska – to finance aid activities in border areas during the migration crisis and the process of long-term integration of refugees who decide to stay in Poland”.

On November 27-28, a fundraiser for the communes of the Hajnowski poviat, aimed at supporting migrants, will be organized by the capital city of Warsaw. The gifts of the inhabitants of Warsaw will go to, among others to Czeremcha, Białowieża and Hajnówka.

The collection will take place from 9.00 to 15.00 (and in some locations until 18.00). Gifts will be accepted at city points, e.g. in Praga, Żoliborz, Ursus, Wawer or in Śródmieście

Main photo source: PAP / Ministry of National Defense

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