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Warsaw. The presidential Boeing landed at Chopin Airport

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The Boeing 747, used by US presidents during their visits abroad, landed on Tuesday morning at Chopin Airport. On Monday late evening, Joe Biden flew to Warsaw aboard another plane after an unexpected visit to Kiev. On Tuesday afternoon, he will give a speech in Arkady Kubicki.

As reported by tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz, a few minutes before 8 o’clock a Boeing 747, flying from Washington, landed in Warsaw. It is this Jumbo Jet that is most often used as Air Force One, i.e. the machine on which the president flies. This time – due to an unannounced visit to Kiev – Biden flew to Poland on a different plane.

As Piotr Kraśko explained on TVN24, the idea was to hide the fact that Joe Biden set off on a trip to Europe earlier than officially announced. The plane he flew was called by successive air traffic control towers not as Air Force One, but as Sierra Alfa Mike 060 – it’s an abbreviation for Special Air Mission. On the plane that landed in Warsaw on Tuesday, Biden will likely fly to Washington on Wednesday afternoon.

He flew to Poland on a Boeing 757

As reported by the CNN station, the plane with the US president left Andrews Air Force Base near Washington on Sunday at 12:00. 4.15 local time (10.15 am Polish time). Biden departed in a modified Boeing 757 normally used for domestic flights. He traveled with a relatively small entourage, and several journalists were also on board, but they were not allowed to use telephones and other electronic devices.

Biden first arrived at the US Ramstein base in Germany, from where he flew to Poland. Then he boarded a train which crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border and after almost 10 hours of travel he reached Kiev around 10:00. 8 a.m. local time on Monday.

He came from the capital of Ukraine to Poland by train. Before 11.15 p.m. he landed at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, where he flew from Jasionka near Rzeszów. Then, in the car, he drove to the Marriott Hotel.

The most famous plane in the world

Boeing 747, which landed on Tuesday at Chopin Airport is the most famous plane that carries US presidents. It is one of the most mysterious and fascinating machines in the world. It is often called the “flying White House”. The aircraft has the ability to refuel in the air, which in practice means unlimited range. Air Force One is equipped with advanced equipment for secure communications, thanks to which it can act as a mobile command center.

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Main photo source: Kacper Jegliczka / Spotter’s eye

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