Warsaw. The principal conducted classes under the influence of alcohol. She lost her job


The principal of a school in Warsaw's Ursynów district who taught a lesson under the influence of alcohol has been demoted. The police and the disciplinary spokesman are also investigating the teacher's case.

“On July 1, there was a change in the position of the principal of Primary School No. 313 at 1 Cybisa Street. The acting principal of this facility, until a candidate is selected through a competition, is Ms. Monika Strublewska, previously deputy principal of Primary School No. 313,” Iwona Janowska, spokeswoman for Ursynów, told us.

As she added, proceedings are still being conducted against the former director by the competent bodies, i.e. the police and the Disciplinary Ombudsman for Teachers at the Mazovian Voivode.

She was conducting classes and had over two per mille of alcohol in her blood.

We wrote about the case on June 20. The school principal, who is also a computer science teacher in grades 1-3, was conducting classes under the influence of alcohol. She was asked to go outside, where police officers were waiting for her. The officers checked her sobriety. A breathalyzer test showed that she had over two per mille of alcohol in her system.

The former director is being prosecuted under Article 70 of the Code of Petty Offences, which states that a person who is incapable of performing an activity may be held in custody or fined.

But that's not all. The teacher also faces further professional consequences. Disciplinary dismissal, reprimand, and even dismissal from the profession are possible.

Main image source: Olek Klekocki, tvnwarszawa.pl

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