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Warsaw. The prosecutor’s office wants to extend the investigation into the death of Jolanta Brzeska

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The prosecutor’s office will request an extension of the investigation into the death of activist Jolanta Brzeska for another six months. It was resumed in 2016 at the request of the Attorney General.

Prosecutor Marzena Muklewicz, spokeswoman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk, said that the investigation into the death of Jolanta Brzeska is still pending, and the prosecutor’s office will request extension of the investigation for the next six months.

Who was Jolanta Brzeska?

Jolanta Brzeska lived with her family at ul. Nabielaka 9 in Warsaw. In 2006, the building was handed over to three heirs of the former owners and Marek M., who bought the claims. After repeated rent increases, the inhabitants of Nabielak fell into a debt spiral. Tenants were also harassed and threatened with eviction. As a consequence, Brzeska and other families established the Warsaw Tenants’ Association.

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March 1, 2011 Jolanta Brzeska she left home and never came back. The burned corpse of a woman was found in the Park Kultury in Powsin. The autopsy confirmed that it was the body of Jolanta Brzeska. The prosecutor’s office said at the time that the woman’s death was caused by arson. Earlier, Brzeska was poured with a flammable substance. She died as a result of thermal shock, extensive body burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

New investigation

The first investigation in this case was discontinued in 2013 due to the failure to identify the perpetrators. As the investigators pointed out at the time, there are many indications that third parties contributed to the woman’s death, but some of the revealed circumstances also do not allow to categorically reject the version of suicide, although it seems unlikely.

In 2016, at the request of the Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro, the investigation into the death of Brzeska has been taken up again. The case was transferred to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk. In October, they were extended until the end of March.

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