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Warsaw. The rates and method of calculating fees for garbage collection

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At the next Thursday session of the city council, a draft resolution will be processed, changing the rules for calculating waste charges based on the amount of water used from April. There was a proposal to make the amount of fees dependent on the size of the apartment.

In mid-October last year, the Warsaw Council adopted a resolution on changes related to waste management. From April 1, the fee is calculated on the basis of the average water consumption for the last six months. The rate is PLN 12.73 per cubic meter of water. The rules apply to single-family houses, multi-family buildings and uninhabited mixed-housing units.

The rules in force for several months were questioned by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. A complaint against the new junk resolution was submitted to the Provincial Administrative Court before its entry into force – in November last year. The court examined her in July, declaring the provisions invalid. The verdict is not final, however, so it did not stay the execution of the resolution. Nevertheless, the city intends to abandon the water method. There is a project on the table that makes the amount of the fee dependent on the size of the apartment.

The amount of the fee depends on the size of the apartment

There are five rates in the draft of the new junk resolution. And so: residents of premises with an area below 30 square meters will pay PLN 65, up to 40 meters – PLN 76, up to 60 meters – PLN 86, up to 80 meters – PLN 96, and residents of premises over 80 square meters will pay PLN 102.

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Fixed rates would also apply to owners of single-family houses – PLN 105. But if they have a home composter, the fee will drop to PLN 96.

The legislator provides that local governments may charge for rubbish in their resolutions by several methods: according to the number of inhabitants living in the property, the amount of water used, the area of ​​a given premises or per household.

Town Hall: new more transparent system

The draft resolution was on the agenda of the session of the Council of Warsaw on November 18. We asked the capital city hall about the reasons for withdrawing from the so-called water method. – The system based on the amount of used water is controversial, the residents do not understand how it is charged, moreover, in the meantime, the Sejm has passed an amendment to the act, which forces us to adopt new resolutions anyway. Not to mention the fact that the “water method” was protested by housing co-operatives and the case is in the administrative court, replied Monika Beuth-Lutyk, spokeswoman for the capital city.

She added that the new system is “simpler, more transparent and everyone knows exactly how much they will pay and why”. – Of course, it will be accompanied by a protection program for people in the most difficult financial situation – she reserved.

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