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Warsaw. The Robert Oak will compete for the title of Tree of the Year 2024. The history of the tree. Vote

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The Robert Oak became one of the 16 finalists of the nationwide Tree of the Year 2024 competition. In June, it will compete for the title in an online vote. It is 350 years old, remembers the times when Białołęka was a village, and survived the destruction of war.

This year, the finalists of the national Tree of the Year competition included oaks and beeches, as well as Rumelian pine, chestnut, plane tree, ash and pear. That's a total of 16 trees. Among them was also a representative from the capital. It is a pedunculate oak from Białołęka, which in last year it won the title of Warsaw Tree of the Year in a competition organized by the Greenery Board.

It is over 350 years old

The oak, called Robert by the residents, is over 350 years old and grows in Lewandów, at Kartografia Street. It is the only natural monument in eastern Białołęka.

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“Possibly planted by the Bernardines, who, together with the locals, rebuilt the village after the destruction of the war. He saw pious monks rebuilding the wooden church in 1717. He did not expect that he would survive with it until the 21st century, when the temple would be the oldest wooden church of the great Warsaw, and it will become one of the oldest oaks,” Klub Gaja describes the tree.

The Robert Oak will compete for the title of Tree of the Year 2024UM Warsaw

He adds that the tree has already become a symbol for local residents – it is around Robert that they would like a park to be created in the future, where they could walk with their entire families. “If successful, the Robert oak would be a kind of gate, a guardian of this park, which will both welcome and say goodbye to its visitors,” emphasized Klub Gaja.

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The verdict is up to Internet users

Internet users will decide whether the oak from Białołęka will become the Tree of the Year 2024. Voting will last throughout June on the competition website. The tree with the most votes wins the competition. Last year, two Warsaw trees reached the finals of the competition: Malwa and Miłosz – two oaks from Stara Miłosna.

Miłosz and Malwa in Stara MiłosnaAnna Polońska/Stara Miłosna Dla Drzew

The Tree of the Year competition has been organized for 14 years by the Klub Gaja Association. The annual competition aims to draw attention to interesting trees that have been part of the local community, Polish culture and history for generations.

The entered trees have unique stories. “These are ancient, beautiful specimens that are witnesses of history and the center of social life. Trees with legends, trees saved from logging, trees symbols of dreams about a 'garden city' that give rest and encourage reflection. Trees that are an important part of family life with which “We have an extraordinary personal bond,” the competition organizer explains on the website.

“In the competition, we are not looking for the oldest, tallest, thickest, most beautiful or rarest trees. We are looking for the most loved tree, a tree with a story, a tree that stimulates the imagination and unites people,” it added.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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