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Warsaw. The services will practice in the subway. Impediments

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On Monday evening and at night, two metro stations of the M1 Stare Bielany and M2 Stadion Narodowy lines will be used for exercises of state services in the field of crisis response. Trains will be disrupted for several hours.

“The purpose of the exercise is to test and improve the skills of state and municipal services and the carrier in responding to emergencies. The organizer of the exercise is the National Police Headquarters together with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)” – informed the Warsaw City Hall in a communiqué.

The exercise code-named “Wolf-Ram-23” will take place across the country from April 17-19. In Warsaw, they will be conducted in two episodes: no. 1 at the Stare Bielany station and episode no. 2 at the Stadion Narodowy station.

Difficulties in running the subway

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Therefore, the metro on the M1 line will not run on the pl. Wilsona – Młociny, and trains on the M2 line will not stop at the Stadion Narodowy station.

Detailed information on changes in the organization of traffic in connection with the course of the exercises will be available on the website of the city office and Facebook.

Crisis response exercises

– On Monday, April 17, a command and staff exercise in the field of crisis response will begin in Warsaw – stressed Mariusz Ciarka, the spokesman for the Police Commander-in-Chief. – The main purpose of the exercise is to respond to the police in the event of a crisis situation in the form of a terrorist attack related to a chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear threat. The exercises will last until Wednesday, April 19, and individual episodes will cover the area of ​​other provinces, the policeman announced.

The difficult situation beyond the eastern border requires many services to be on constant readiness and improve their skills in dealing with crisis situations. The organization of this type of exercises is aimed at coordinating and cooperating with the security services, as well as checking the functioning procedures in the event of a threat. The exercises will take place in conditions similar to real ones, thanks to which it will be possible to develop the principles of cooperation with other entities participating in the activities and to practically test the knowledge already possessed by the officers in the field of performance of official duties in crisis operations.

RCB Alerts

On Monday, the Government Security Center sent an SMS to the inhabitants of Warsaw warning against planned anti-terrorist exercises by the police.

“Attention! Tonight, April 17, anti-terrorist exercises of the Police in Warsaw. Possible difficulties in communication. Keep calm. Follow the instructions of the services” – RCB reported in the sent alert.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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