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Warsaw. The snake was basking in the sun on the patio. “It was about 1.5 meters long”

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A resident of one of the housing estates in Żoliborz came across an unusual guest on the patio. A long, yellow-brown snake was basking under one of the benches. Ecopatrol was called and transported the reptile to a safe place. It turned out to be a mahogany snake.

The officers went to the site. At Jasnodworska Street they found a nervous woman who showed the guards a large bench on the patio, under which a snake had spread out. As the city guard pointed out in a statement, the place was sunny and warm, and such conditions encourage these reptiles to relax.

– It was about 1.5 meters long and resembled the popular corn snake – the statement of the officer who carried out the intervention with her colleague was quoted in the release. – The snake didn’t cause any problems. It was easy to put in the transport bag.

“They are considered one of the gentlest species”

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The caught reptile was transported to the CITES center at the Warsaw Zoo. There, the employees found that it was a beautifully colored mahogany snake, which had never been seen in the center before.

As indicated, mahogany snakes are common in Africa. “They are considered one of the gentlest species. Under breeding conditions, they are even willing to take food from the breeder’s hand,” the city guard added in a statement.

Main photo source: Warsaw Municipal Police

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