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Warsaw. The South Hospital is again in the hands of the city. The government commissioner resigned

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As the press office of the town hall told us, on Wednesday morning the officials entered the building of the Southern Hospital together with Artur Krawczyk, who was in charge of the facility before its takeover by the government. The government commissioner, Dr. Ewa Więckowska asked the minister of health to dismiss the relationship in, she wrote, “ruthless personal attacks and a series of unfounded accusations made by the authorities of Warsaw”.

On Tuesday, the capital city hall organized a press conference devoted to the situation of the Southern Hospital. The authorities of the capital once again demanded the return of the facility. They also pointed out the mistakes of the government commissioner, who, in their opinion, mishandled the hospital and put it into debt. At the end of July, the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw annulled the decision of the Minister of Health, who, at the request of the Masovian Voivode, decided to appoint a government representative at the hospital. During the Tuesday conference, Trzaskowski and vice-president Renata Kaznowska informed that the city had received the justification for this judgment.

Kaznowska also announced that the government plenipotentiary had received a call from the president of the capital to hand over the Southern Hospital to the city on Wednesday. She announced that all hospital employees would return to work that day. – Except for the government plenipotentiary, which finishes work tomorrow – she pointed out.

The attempt to enter the hospital went smoothly. – There was no problem getting into the office. Mr. Artur Krawczyk, president of the management board of Solec, who had previously been suspended, entered the company’s headquarters at 3 Kruczkowskiego Street and started work today. Now it’s time to talk to the staff and organize their work, check the condition of the facilities, and so on. It will be difficult and tedious work – Marzena Wojewódzka from the press office of the capital city hall told us in the morning.

She added that there was no one from the government representation on the spot: – We received information that the former plenipotentiary Dr. Ewa Więckowska, who was the president of the hospital, resigned.

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South HospitalArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Więckowska asked MZ to dismiss the company’s representative

As determined by the Polish Press Agency, Dr. Ewa Więckowska asked the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, on Wednesday to dismiss the representative of the company Szpital Solec. In a statement, she informed that “in connection with ruthless personal attacks and a number of unfounded accusations against her made by the authorities of Warsaw, guided by the good and safety of the capital’s residents, who deserve the best care in the event of a possible increase in infections in the fourth wave of the epidemic, she appealed to the minister of health for dismissal from the function of the representative of the company Szpital Solec sp. z oo with a simultaneous request to appoint a new person for this position “.

Więckowska indicated that by taking up this function, she was tasked with preparing the facility for the role of a temporary hospital in the third wave of the epidemic, as indicated by the Masovian Voivode. She noted that until she took up the position, the hospital was not prepared to serve the residents of the capital, ensuring hospitalization in the event of a severe course of COVID-19. “At that time, due to the sluggishness of the company’s management board with the deputy mayor of the city, who was overseeing the management board, seriously ill Warsaw residents were often transported outside the capital for hospitalization, for example to a hospital in Radom,” she said. The hospital, as she pointed out, was then unable to prepare even 100 covid beds necessary to meet the needs of a city with a population of nearly 2 million.

She emphasized that after taking the position of the plenipotentiary, she took steps to increase the bed base for COVID-19 patients at the Southern Hospital and to employ the necessary medical personnel. “At the peak of the third wave of the epidemic on infected residents of the capital who experienced the severe course of COVID-19, I prepared 250 beds with the entire team, which is five times more than prepared by the Warsaw authorities” – she indicated. And she informed that for over four months of operation, the hospital helped over 60,770 patients, 740 of whom were hospitalized.

“Unfortunately, despite these actions, the authorities of Warsaw tried to torpedo my actions every week as the representative of Szpital Solec. The hospital lost its current financing from the city, which I believe was a kind of pressure for me to leave the position of the proxy” – she wrote. “In addition to withholding financing, the capital city authorities launched a personal attack on me, accusing me of imaginary negligence, which I allegedly had committed when I was managing the Solec Sp. Z oo Hospital as the president of the management board. I have never heard a word of criticism against me, neither from the mayor of the city, nor from his deputies “- she said.

Więckowska also stated that she did not want to enter into the matter of the sentence passed before the Provincial Administrative Court in terms of the procedure of appointing her as a proxy. that the personal trauma of the president and the deputy president for health matters to me would affect the current functioning of the hospital in the beginning of the fourth wave of the pandemic. That is why I decided to resign from the position of the representative of Szpital Solec sp. z oo “- she said.

At the same time, she emphasized that the Southern Hospital must remain a temporary hospital so that the residents of Warsaw would feel safe in the event of the impending increase in infections and asked for another person to be appointed for this function.

Ewa Więckowska asked MZ to recall her from the position of the company’s representativeTVN archive

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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