Warsaw. The teenagers wanted to jump into the water from the bridge


One was already getting ready to jump, the other was watching. City guards stopped two teenagers who were trying to have a risky party at a crossing over Lake Czerniakowskie. The jump could have ended in tragedy.

City guards were patrolling the area of ​​Lake Czerniakowski on Wednesday when, around 2:30 p.m., they noticed two teenagers in shorts on the bridge.

The teenagers wanted to jump into the waterMunicipal Police

He was standing behind the barrier

“One of them was just getting ready to jump. The young man was standing on the edge behind the barrier in a starting position, but at the sight of two officers he abandoned his intention and grabbed the railing. The guards helped the young man return to the safe side of the barrier and explained the threat to both 15-year-olds related to jumping into unknown water in an unprepared place,” we read in a statement from the city guard.

The teenagers wanted to jump into the waterMunicipal Police

The officers also instructed the teenagers that swimming in Lake Czerniakowskie is allowed, but only on the beach under the supervision of lifeguards. Due to the age of the would-be jumpers, the police were called to the scene.

“During the upcoming holidays, city guards remind parents of the need to familiarize their children with the rules of safe leisure time,” the guards warn.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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