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Warsaw. The tender for the construction of the Żerański park was cancelled. The new one will be at the end of June

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The park is to be built on the western embankment of the Żerański Canal – from Modlińska to Płochocińska Streets. Its design is already known. However, the contractor is still unknown. The last tender was canceled because the bids submitted exceeded the amount allocated for the investment. The green management ensures that the new one will be announced by the end of June.

On May 31, the greenery management opened the possibility of submitting offers in the tender for the construction of the Żerański park. Over PLN 16 million was allocated for the execution of all necessary works. Two offers were received. Unfortunately, both of them exceeded the budget available to the green management. The first offer amounted to PLN 52,152,000 and was submitted by Przedsiębiorstwo Inżyniercyjne INMEL from Poznań. The second company, SORTED from Piaseczno, offered PLN 44,582,077.20 for the works.

The tender was canceled on June 12. – The submitted offers significantly exceeded the amount we had allocated for financing this investment – said Karolina Kwiecień-Łukaszewska, spokeswoman for the green management in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl. As it was added in the notice of cancellation of the procedure, “the contracting authority may not increase the above-mentioned amount to the price of the most advantageous tender”.

– We will repeat it by the end of June at the latest – assured Kwiecień-Łukaszewska. The city will therefore once again try to find a contractor in the tender.

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How long will the works take?

The greenery management previously informed that the completion of the first stage of works on the Żerański park is planned by the end of 2024. Residents could use it at the turn of 2024 and 2025. Then, the second stage of work was to begin, as part of which additional attractions were to be created in the space.

We asked if the works on the park might be delayed due to the cancellation of the tender and the opening of a new one. “At this point, we’re not talking about rescheduling. We learn the actual date of completion when we select the contractor, because he also determines the time in which he undertakes to perform the works – added Kwiecień-Łukaszewska. She explained that the selected contractor must, however, fit within the temporary range set by the green management.

What will be in the park?

Żerański Park will be built on an area of ​​approximately 13 hectares, on the western embankment of the Żerański Canal – from Modlińska to Płochocińska Streets. The advantage of the park is to be facilitated access to the very bank of the Vistula River.

As part of the basic scope of work, trees, shrubs and vines will be planted. Gardeners will also establish flower meadows and make soil protection plantings. “In addition, a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths will be built. Residents will be able to rest on recreational glades with platforms and shelters” – informed the greenery management. The development of the quay, on which piers will be built, is also planned in the space.

As part of the option, it will be possible to make additional elements in the park – e.g. natural playgrounds, additional piers and greenery, a zone for dogs, gastronomic pavilions. The Zieleni Board stressed, however, that the possible scope of such works will be known after the tender is settled.

The construction of the park will be carried out on the basis of documentation prepared by TopoScape and Archigrest design offices.

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