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Warsaw. The topic of metro gate armbands is closed. “Districts must order ID cards with an electronic layer”

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Warsaw officials are withdrawing from the idea of ​​giving students wristbands that allow them to open subway gates. City Hall spokeswoman Monika Beuth declares that the new ID cards ordered by Warsaw schools will have electronic layers enabling data recording.

Only until July 12 this year, primary and secondary schools will issue paper school ID cards to students. The traditional ones with stamps on the back will replace plastic cards with a photo. In Warsaw, the new document will be able to serve as a free public transport ticket for students (currently this role is performed by the Student Card). However, there were doubts whether the new ID card would open the subway gates.

“Gazeta Stołeczna” obtained a document sent by the Vice-President of Warsaw, Renata Kaznowska, to district mayors: “Students using the metro will receive a wristband that will open the gates in the metro. However, the wristband itself will not be sufficient in the event of an inspection – the student must still have a valid e-ID card,” the newspaper quoted an excerpt from.

One design, two types

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It turns out that there may be two types of new ID in circulation. Both versions have the same design, but differ in an important detail. “In the lightened field on the reverse, you can place the number of the microprocessor system and encode services related to the school's statutory activities and public transport. Not every school is interested in coding services. Therefore, one school will order a form with a microprocessor, another without,” he explained. information and press department of the Ministry of National Education by e-mail to our editorial office.

Sample of a new school ID cardMEN

As the Ministry of National Education further pointed out, “service coding is an option, not a requirement.” The school principal, in consultation with the governing body, decides which form will be finally ordered. In the case of Warsaw, these are district offices.

In turn, as Tomasz Kunert, ZTM spokesman, explained to us, during consultations with the city Education Office, a proposal was made that if e-ID cards for primary schools were those without an electronic layer, students who want to use the metro would receive plastic wristbands with an electronic element that opens the gate. However, he noted that this was not the final solution.

The topic of wristbands is closed

After more than three weeks since the issue of armbands appeared in the media, we heard at the town hall that the topic could have resulted from a misunderstanding between the Municipal Transport Authority and the education office at the city hall.

– The problem is very simple in terms of its solution. Districts must order ID cards with an electronic layer, on which a module enabling the opening of subway gates will be easily loaded. We will recommend this solution, said City Hall spokeswoman Monika Beuth.

She pointed out that the ID card with a digital overlay allows you to upload many other useful modules, e.g. a library card. – We are in favor of introducing these more modern solutions. Especially since there is not much difference in price between a regular card and one with a layer enabling data recording, emphasized the representative of the city hall. She described the issue of armbands opening subway gates as closed.

Regulation on new ID cards

In June last year, the Ministry of Education issued a regulation regarding new models of school certificates, grade sheets and ID cards. Pursuant to the Act on the mObywatel application, schools will be obliged to issue ID cards to students also in the form of a “mobile document”. All adult students will receive it, and minors will receive it if their parents do not object.

The regulation maintains the existing kindergarten and school e-ID cards in the form of a rectangular plastic card. However, their pattern will change. The student's PESEL number will not be provided. The current paper ID cards will be gradually phased out.

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