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Warsaw. The tram to Boernerowo is already 90 years old. Historic wagons will be on the tracks

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90 years ago, the first part of the tram line to the Boernerowo estate was opened. However, 73 years ago it was rebuilt to its present shape. On Sunday, historic trains will hit the route.

90 years ago, on October 22, 1933, at 11 a.m., the tram route connecting Ulrychów with the Liaison estate in Babice, built in just a year and a half, was opened. The track ran along Ksiącia Janusza, Obozowa and Szosa Forteczna streets through the area of ​​today’s airport. The opening was accompanied by a grand celebration, during which the ribbon was cut and the B tram line was officially launched.

The tram route changed over the following years, but always – even during the occupation – led to Boernerowo. Under various designations – B, 22B, 22A – the line survived until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

After the war, trams on the old tracks, but under new markings, returned as line 20 to Boernerowo. Four years later, on October 29, 1950, a new track, built from scratch, was opened: this time it led straight on a single track along Dywizjonu 303 and Kaliskiego streets to the Boernerowo loop. It survived in this arrangement until 2011, when, during the construction of the S8 route, the single-track section was shortened only to Generala Kaliskiego Street, and then replaced with a double track. This year we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the opening of the post-war route.

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Opening of the suburban tram line from Górczewska to Osiedle Głosność, October 22, 1933National Digital Archives

Historic wagons will be on the route

To celebrate this anniversary, historic wagons with this marking will hit the tracks on Sunday. They will run from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the route: Banacha, Grójecka, Towarowa, Okopowa, al. “Solidarności”, Młynarska, Obozowa, Dywizjonu 303, Kaliskiego, Boernerowo.

On trams on line B, the standard ZTM fare will be valid.

“On board, passengers will meet conductors from the Public Transport Lovers’ Club. Their role will be to operate the carriage and assist in validating single-use tickets in traditional ‘hole punchers’. Short- and long-term tickets coded on the Warsaw City Card should be validated in advance in another vehicle or at a metro gate” – provided by Tramwaje Warszawskie.

Historic tram on the tracks in WarsawWTP

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At the intersection of Grójecka and Wawelska streets, the crossing over the tram tracks collapsesTomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: National Digital Archives

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