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Warsaw. The trial of the Jaroszewicz murder. Testimony of the son

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On Tuesday, Andrzej, the son of the former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz, murdered in 1992, testified in the District Court of Warsaw. In his opinion, the father might have “exposed himself to some people.” – I was thinking about general Kiszczak and general Jaruzelski – he revealed to the court.

In the trial of three accused of murdering the Jaroszewicz marriage in 1992, the testimony was continued on Tuesday by the former prime minister’s older son. His testimonies to date show that there was no robbery in this case, but it could have been an imitation of such a crime in order to take away important documents that the former prime minister had.

What could have happened in the Jaroszewicz house. Testimony of the son

Andrzej Jaroszewicz said on Tuesday that he found out about the murder of his father and his wife Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz while in Gdańsk, where he was working at that time. He immediately got in the car and drove to Anin. As he reported, after reaching his father’s house, it turned out that the body of the murdered was still inside. He also pointed out that there was a huge mess there. – In particular, the office was so messy, as if someone was deliberately scattering documents. As if someone intentionally made a mess. Same thing in the kitchen. Someone even spilled perfume in the staircase – testified Andrzej Jaroszewicz.

The man also emphasized several times that valuable valuables and large sums of money were not kept in the Jaroszewicz house. According to the case files, five thousand Deutsche marks, five gold coins and a woman’s watch were killed in the robbery of a villa in Anin. The son of the former prime minister, questioning the basis of the robbery of the murder, emphasized that even the jewelry of the former prime minister’s wife, which was lying on top, had not been stolen. He did not rule out that during the attack from Jaroszewicz’s cabinet, however, documents incriminating some politicians might have been lost.

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Jaroszewicz marriageTVN archive

The court also asked Andrzej Jaroszewicz whom he had in mind when he testified years ago in a prosecutor’s investigation that his father might have exposed himself to some people. – Today I can reveal it. I was thinking about general Kiszczak and general Jaruzelski – said the son of the murdered prime minister. He added that his father had knowledge of individual people “who violated certain rules, about agents in the middle of the authorities.” In his opinion, it was very dangerous for Jaroszewicz.

In this context, he noted that his father, before his death, was working on a second, revised edition of the book “I break the silence.” He suggested that there might be information inconvenient for many politicians. – I saw that he was working on a book, it was a manuscript. There was no such manuscript after the murder, testified Andrzej Jaroszewicz.

One of the most famous crimes of the 1990s. Findings of the prosecutor’s office

The trial in which Jaroszewicz testified on Monday has been taking place in the Warsaw court for over a year. This court is trying to explain one of the most famous crimes of the 1990s, which took place on the night of August 31-September 1, 1992. The prosecution accuses Robert S. of strangling Piotr Jaroszewicz and shooting his wife Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz, and Dariusz S. and Marcin B. are accused of complicity in the murder of the former prime minister. Robert S. was also accused of the murder of the married couple S. in 1991 in Gdynia and the attempted murder of a man in Izabelin. They face a life sentence.

According to the prosecutor’s office, on the day of the attack, the accused had been watching the property of the victims for many hours. After entering the Jaroszewicz house, Robert S. overpowered Piotr Jaroszewicz with a hit in the back of the head with a found firearm. The accused tied the man to an armchair. In turn, Alicja Solska – Jaroszewicz was tied up and laid on the bathroom floor. The men searched the house and took away – apart from two pistols – five thousand Deutsche marks, five gold coins and a women’s watch.

The case of the Jaroszewicz murderTVN archive

As the prosecutor’s office points out, it was probably early in the morning when the perpetrators left the house of the victims that Piotr Jaroszewicz freed himself from his bonds. The attackers seated him in the armchair again. Then, while the two perpetrators were holding his hands, Robert S. strangled him. According to the prosecutor’s office, after the murder of Piotr Jaroszewicz, Robert S. took his rifle from the victim’s office, went to the bathroom where Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz was tied up, and shot her.

Main photo source: TVN Archive

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