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Warsaw. The truck fell from the S8 overpass. The driver and passenger escaped. They have accusations

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Men who were involved in the fatal accident on S8 on Saturday heard the charges. First, the police detained a passenger who would be responsible for failing to help and fleeing the scene. Then the driver reported to the prosecutor’s office and was charged with causing a fatal accident. The 35-year-old was banned from driving and had a history of driving and drug abuse.

Saturday afternoon three cars collided on the S8 route, near Kobyłka: trucks and cars Volvo and BMW. The truck fell off the road, fell off the overpass. The driver did not survive. Police searched for men from BMW who had fled the scene of the accident. As Prosecutor Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw-Praga, confirmed that on Tuesday, a 35-year-old man reported to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wołomin, who informed that he was driving a BMW. He was accompanied by a lawyer.

Driving license withheld and banned from driving

Police officers were called to the scene and formally arrested the suspect. – After his arrest, he was charged with causing a fatal accident and fleeing the scene, which is punishable by up to 12 years’ imprisonment – Skrzeczkowska said. – The man was questioned and submitted explanations, the content of which will be verified in the course of the proceedings. The prosecutor will submit an application from the court for pre-trial detention against the suspect on Wednesday, she added.

As we found out, the suspect is a person from the circle of friends and family two men detained by the police over the weekend. The Polish Press Agency established unofficially that the 35-year-old had his driving license and a ban on driving motor vehicles. In the past, he was also recorded for, inter alia, traffic and drug offenses.

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The policemen are constantly securing the recordings of, among others, from the cameras of the vehicles involved in the accident that recorded the incident.


The bmw driver and passenger heard the accusationsKPP in Wołomin

Earlier, they detained two men

Over the weekend, the Warsaw Police Headquarters informed that officers on Pułkowa Street detained two men who were suspected of being involved in the S8 accident. One was to be the driver and the other was to be a passenger BMW. – They were both drunk. One of them, a 32-year-old, was wanted to serve a five-year prison sentence for drug possession and participation in an organized criminal group. The other, 34, has also had a history of drug possession. By the decision of the prosecutor’s office, blood will be taken from both men for tests – Małgorzata Wersocka from KSP told us on Sunday.

In the end, it turned out that only the 32-year-old had something to do with the accident. It was a BMW passenger. – He heard the accusation of failing to help and fleeing the scene – said Skrzeczkowska. She added that his brother, who had also been detained after being questioned as a witness, had been released home.

On the other hand, the passenger Volvo driver, who was also involved in the accident, is in the hospital and has not yet been questioned due to his health condition.

Main photo source: KPP in Wołomin

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