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Warsaw. The voivode withdrew his predecessor’s complaint. There will be paid parking in Saska Kępa

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Return on the contested decision of the Warsaw Council to include Saska Kępa and Kamionek in a paid parking zone. The voivode withdrew the complaint filed by his predecessor to the Supreme Administrative Court. This means that the city will soon be able to start preparations for expanding the zone.

Mariusz Frankowski withdrew from the Supreme Administrative Court a cassation complaint filed by his predecessor from PiS, Tobiasz Bocheński (currently the party’s candidate for the president of Warsaw in the upcoming local government elections). “I believe that at this stage the instruments of state bodies and courts should not be used to conduct elements of additional political struggle. That is why I decided to withdraw this complaint and not expose the courts and the state to additional costs,” Frankowski said on Friday on Radio Dla Młodych .

Frankowski changed his mind

The complaint concerned the resolution of the Warsaw Council from March last year. With the votes of KO and the Left, councilors decided that Saska Kępa and Kamionek would be included in the paid parking zone. In April, their decision was questioned by the Masovian Voivode (the document was formally signed by Tobiasz Bocheński’s deputy, Sylwester Dąbrowski). The capital city hall appealed against this decision to the Provincial Administrative Court, which sided with the Warsaw authorities. The voivode filed a cassation appeal to a higher instance.

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As Mariusz Frankowski explained in an interview with “Gazeta Stołeczna”, after taking up the function of voivode, the cassation appeal was analyzed, and his predecessor’s reservations did not concern substantive issues, but procedural ones. This included consultations of the Municipal Roads Authority, which should precede the councilors’ vote. – Perhaps this should be left to the Supreme Administrative Court to decide once and for all. This is my position today. At this stage, I do not intend to withdraw the cassation appeal, Frankowski said at the beginning of this year.

Both in Kamionek and Saska Kępa, older buildings dominate and the buildings usually do not have underground garages. The majority of residents who have problems with everyday parking demand the introduction of the zone. They complain that the seats are taken by people who come from further districts, leave their cars under their windows and then travel by public transport.

SPPN in Saska Kępa and KamionekGoogle Maps

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