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Warsaw. The vote for the participatory budget has ended. Results

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Varsovians submitted 1,183 projects in the 10th edition of the participatory budget, the pool of which is PLN 100 million. 325 have been selected for implementation, they will be implemented in 2024. What initiatives were the most popular?

Out of 1,183 submitted projects – 1,065 district projects and 118 city-wide projects – 325 were selected in a vote. 13 of them are city-wide projects, and 312 are from the districts of the capital. Almost half of all selected ideas relate to environmental protection – 146 selected submissions to the participatory budget.

This includes 21 projects in Śródmieście, e.g. , where one of the selected ones is the purchase of a potter’s wheel for the Ceramic Workshop of the “Kolorowa” Culture Center with a budget of PLN 6,000 and the support of 513 votes.

Among the city-wide projects that were selected in the vote, there were, among others: 500+ trees for Warsaw with a budget of almost PLN 2 million and the support of 27.5 thousand people, additional equipment for gynecology and obstetrics wards in city hospitals for the amount of PLN 3 million supported by 26.9 thousand people, or “You are not alone – first psychological aid for children and young people. Now for the whole city!” – for over one and a half million zlotys and the support of 22.6 thousand voters.

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In total, 85,048 people took part in the voting. The greatest interest in voting was recorded in Ursus, where 63 people per 1000 inhabitants voted. Rembertów and Białołęka (56 voters per 1,000 inhabitants) were in second and third place, and Wawer (55 voters per 1,000 inhabitants) was just behind the podium. As much as 99 percent votes were cast electronically, of which over 25% of all online voters voted on the last day of voting. People in the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups voted most willingly. As every year, more women (63%) than men (37%) voted.

Full voting results are available on the website https://bo.um.warszawa.pl

PLN 100 million to be spent

Thanks to the participatory budget, residents decide what to spend part of Warsaw’s budget on – reminds the city office on the websites devoted to the budget.

In the participatory budget, every resident of Warsaw can submit a project or vote. You don’t have to be registered or an adult. Participation in the participatory budget is a great opportunity to decide together with others how Warsaw is changing.

“It is Warsaw residents who come up with and submit projects every year, and then choose the ones that will be implemented in a vote. In this way, they jointly decide what will be built in the immediate vicinity, in several districts or throughout Warsaw. Financial resources for the implementation of residents’ ideas they come from the city’s budget, so they are not additional money, but part of the city’s money to be distributed directly by Varsovians” – it was noted.

The Council of the Capital City of Warsaw decided that 0.5% of GDP will be allocated annually to the participatory budget. expenditures of Warsaw included in the last financial statement. In 2024, it will be over PLN 100 million.

Projects to be implemented in 2024 were submitted from December 1, 2022 to January 25, 2023. They were then judged and voting lasted from June 15 to June 30. The voting results were announced on Thursday.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall/Ewelina Lach

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