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Warsaw. The Wisłostrada against the current. The maneuver could have been tragic

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They had to give way to the driver coming from the opposite direction, who probably made a mistake at the exit from the bridge and was moving upstream along the Wisłostrada. The police are investigating the case and believe that this maneuver may have ended tragically.

We received the recording at Kontakt 24. Its author described that the incident took place on Sunday evening, around 11.30 pm, before entering the Wisłostrada tunnel. The situation was recorded by a camera installed in his car. The recording shows that Mr. Wojciech is driving in the right lane. The middle one is free, and two other drivers moved on the left. Suddenly, another car appears in their lane, it is driving in the opposite direction. To avoid a head-on collision, the drivers jump into the middle of the road.

He made a mistake going down the bridge?

The author of the recording said that this was the first time he encountered such a situation on the road. – It lasted for a while, the situation was very dynamic. There were vehicles at the rear, so it was difficult to stop and react in any way. Despite the late hour, the traffic was heavy – said Wojciech in an interview with Kontakt 24. – In my opinion, someone made a mistake leaving the Poniatowski Bridge – he added.

We asked the Warsaw police for a comment. – The case was transferred to the Road Traffic Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters for further official activities, to establish all the circumstances of this incident and to hold the driver of the vehicle captured on the recording accountable, the maneuver of which could have been tragic – Jarosław Florczak from the KSP press office briefly told us .

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Contact 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Wojciech / Konatk 24

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