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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Warsaw. The woman collapsed in the street. The fire brigade took her to the hospital

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Not only LPR, but also firefighters support the ambulance service. Today they transported to the hospital a woman who fainted on Górczewska Street. Due to the protests of paramedics, they have been available for several days not only for fires and accidents, but also for situations requiring first aid. Such activities are carried out in consultation with the ambulance station.

The intervention on Górczewska took place on Friday afternoon. The firefighters were directed to the woman after she collapsed, because there were no free ambulances or a helicopter of the Polish Medical Air Rescue. – We carry out first aid activities due to the current situation – says Szymon Kisieliński from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Warsaw, referring to the ongoing strike of paramedics. She also adds that the woman was conscious when the firefighters arrived at the scene. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance belonging to the Volunteer Fire Department in Wesoła.

– Our activities are carried out in consultation with the emergency medical services. If there are no crews available on duty, we can carry out such interventions, but it is the ambulance service that decides whether we are to transport to the hospital – explains Kisieliński.

As he adds, this is not the first such situation. Similar events happened on Thursday and Friday mornings. – This is the third event of this type this afternoon – he emphasizes.

The ambulance of firefighters from Wesoła previously served the rescuers of the capital “Meditrans”. The provincial ambulance station handed it over to the unit as part of the fleet exchange. Five other ambulances were then sent to hospitals in Mazovia. The vehicle is equipped, among others, with a stretcher with a transporter, a transport chair, a defibrillator and a respirator. Currently, it is used by firefighters who also have the qualifications of paramedics.

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An ambulance belonging to firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department in WesołaVolunteer Fire Department in Wesoła

Paramedics protest

Lifeguards have been waiting for negotiations and pay rises for weeks. On September 1, they started a nationwide protest. They refused to come to work or took the minimum number of hours on call. They want to show that they do not agree to the working conditions in which they spend even several hundred hours a month. As we reported, on the first day, nearly half of the ambulances did not go to the streets, and the events are covered by helicopters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

The Masovian Voivode asked the Ministry of National Defense to send soldiers to ambulances. There are 40 vehicles from 2 to 16 September. As we have established, the first soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces have already appeared in “Meditrans”.

The voivode’s press office said at noon that, as of September 3, 43 medical rescue teams had not left Mazovia, 38 of them from the Warsaw area.

Main photo source: Volunteer Fire Department in Wesoła

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