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Warsaw. The Women’s Monument of the Warsaw Uprising at Krasiński Square unveiled

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The Women’s Monument of the Warsaw Uprising stands at Krasińskich Square. The monument commemorating female soldiers, nurses, messengers and all women tragically affected by the nightmare of war, was unveiled on Saturday.

The ceremony of unveiling the Monument to the Women of the Warsaw Uprising took place on Saturday, October 2 at 12 o’clock in the vicinity of the Palace of the Commonwealth at Krasińskich Square. It was attended by representatives of the city authorities, the Association of Warsaw Insurgents, the Foundation for the Remembrance of the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising and the Polish Association of Developers – the founder of the monument.

The bronze sculpture shows a group of three women of different ages holding hands. Such a pose is supposed to be a symbol of their solidarity and dignity. The whole thing also bears the inscription “For the Women of the Warsaw Uprising”.


Unveiling of the monument to “Women of the Warsaw Uprising” on Krasiński SquareTomasz Gzell, PAP

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It will commemorate the heroism of women in the Warsaw Uprising

The author of the sculpture is Monika Osiecka. Her achievements include such works as a sculpture on the grave of Kora Jackowska or a monument dedicated to the victorious battle of the armored division of general Stanisław Maczek at the Falaise in Normandy.

“The monument will commemorate all the women of the Uprising, fighting with arms in their hands, as well as nurses and messengers. It is also to pay tribute to the civilian victims of the Uprising, to women who were disgraced, exiled and also subjected to other sufferings. It will recall the drama of mothers and grandmothers whose children and The grandchildren fought in the Warsaw Uprising and they often never saw them again. The great heroism of the women of the Uprising and the enormity of the suffering they experienced undoubtedly deserve to be commemorated “, we read in the justification of the Warsaw Council’s resolution on this monument.

The construction of the monument was carried out by the Foundation for the Remembrance of the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising in cooperation with the Association of Warsaw Insurgents. The president of the foundation, Rafał Szczepański, announced this initiative in August last year, during the ceremony of unveiling the statue of Stanisław “Agaton” Jankowski. – The next ones will commemorate the women of the Warsaw Uprising fighting with weapons in their hands, as well as nurses, liaison officers and representatives of the city’s civilian population, who lost their children, entire families, youth and childhood. Women who died, as well as those who survived and raised the next generation of a free and tolerant city – said Szczepański at the time.

Sketch of the Monument to the Women of the Warsaw UprisingOffice of the Capital City of Of Warsaw

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell, PAP

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