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Warsaw. Theft of the catalyst in Wola. The allegations. Why do criminals steal catalysts?

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Police officers from Bemowo detained three people suspected of stealing the catalyst. Two men and a woman have already heard the charges and face five years in prison.

The incident took place after 10 p.m. – During the service, Bemov’s intelligence agents noticed the Opel, which was standing next to a parked Ford. At one point, the Opel drove away. Inside the vehicle, apart from the driver, were two passengers, a woman and a man. The policemen decided to check what was going on – said Marta Sulowska from the police in Wola.

– During the ID card, the men were nervous, one of them had clothes stained with sand, black gloves and tools in the form of keys in his pants pocket. In the back seat, where the woman was sitting, the policemen’s attention was caught by a catalytic converter, a saw blade and a jack. Scouts suspected that the catalytic converter was stolen from a Ford. It turned out that they were right – she added.

The suspects – two men aged 32 and 39 and a woman aged 33 – heard the allegation of catalyst theft acting jointly and in concert. During the interrogation, they pleaded guilty. They face five years in prison.

Why do criminals steal catalysts?

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Why criminals steal catalysts we asked the policemen a few months ago. – These are expensive elements, because those from better cars can cost even seven or eight thousand. Thieves obtain precious metal from such a catalyst and then sell it at a scrap yard, explained Robert Koniuszy from the Mokotów police.

We also asked the press officer of the headquarters in Śródmieście, Robert Szumiata, who said that the practice was rather absent there. But he had a theory about its causes. He stated that thefts are usually made on a specific order. – Catalyst prices reach several thousand zlotys. Of course, thieves sell them for some part of this amount, but it is still more profitable than, for example, selling only platinum, which is obtained from catalysts – he explained.

In turn, Marta Sulowska from the headquarters for Bemowo and Wola noted the speed of such theft. – It takes a thief a few minutes and does not require any special equipment. The driver usually realizes that he has fallen victim to this type of theft after starting the engine, because the car is much louder, she said.

– It is best to park in visible, guarded places, because such thefts usually occur under cover of night, in rarely frequented places – advised the policewoman.

Thieves steal catalysts05.10. | Even a few thousand zlotys can be lost by a driver whose catalytic converter has been stolen from under the car. Although the police do not keep statistics, the owners of the websites claim that this is an increasingly serious problem. TVN24 Lodz

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