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Warsaw. There is a hearing date in the murder trial of 4-year-old Leon. The child’s parents are in the dock

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At the end of January, the first hearing in the trial regarding the murder of 4-year-old Leoś is scheduled to take place at the Warsaw-Praga District Court in Warsaw. The accused are: the child’s mother – Karolina W. and her partner Damian G. The boy allegedly fell into boiling water and his guardians did not call an ambulance. When the child died after a few days, they buried the body in the forest. They will be charged with murder.

At the end of October, the Court of Appeal in Lublin decided to transfer the case of the death of four-year-old Leoś from the court in Siedlce to the Warsaw-Praga District Court in Warsaw. The decision was justified by the so-called process economics.

– The basis for transferring this case is the fact that most of the people who should be summoned to the hearing live closer to the Warsaw-Praga District Court in Warsaw than to the locally competent court, i.e. the District Court in Siedlce – said the spokeswoman for the Court of Appeal in Lublin, Judge Dorota Janicka. The appeals court upheld the decision of the Siedlce court, which extended the pre-trial detention of Damian G. until January 18, 2024.

The first hearing in the Warsaw-Praga District Court in the case of Karolina W. and Damian G. is scheduled to take place on January 31.

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The child was reported missing by the great-grandmother

On October 21 last year, great-grandmother four-year-old Leosia reported her missing child to the police. The woman had not seen her great-grandson for a long time and was afraid that something bad might have happened to him. For several days, the police checked various addresses where the child, his mother and her partner could have recently stayed. A week later in Górki near Garwolin (Masovian Voivodeship) The body of a four-year-old was found buried in the forest. The prosecutor’s office then informed about the arrest of the boy’s then 19-year-old mother and her 19-year-old partner. Both were charged and arrested.

At the end of September this year, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Siedlce transferred the file to the local district court accusations against the boy’s mother – Karolina W. and her partner – Damian G.

The police take the 19-year-old awayTVN24

– The child’s mother and her partner were accused of acting together and in concert with particular cruelty from an unspecified date, in the second half of August 2022, to August 21, 2022, as persons providing direct and voluntary care for four-year-old Leoś. , intending to take his life after he suffered extensive burns at his place of residence, contrary to the legal and special obligation to call for medical help, anticipating and agreeing to the boy’s death, they refrained from calling for help for a period of several days, as a result of which on 21 in August 2022, the child died – said Krystyna Gołąbek, spokeswoman for the Siedlce prosecutor’s office.

She added that the investigation findings showed that the boy fell into an unsecured paddling pool with hot water and suffered extensive burns. – The guardians refrained from calling for medical help, thus accepting the child’s death. According to the defendants, the boy died about a week after the event. After the child’s death, the defendants buried his body in the forest and then covered the place with a layer of concrete, Gołąbek said.

“The crime of murder may be committed by omission”

According to experts from the Medical University of Warsaw, the most probable cause of the child’s death were the consequences of burn disease.

– The crime of murder may be committed not only by action, but also by omission, if the perpetrator has a legal obligation and a special obligation to prevent the consequence, which was undoubtedly the case in this case – emphasized Gołąbek.

Karolina W. and Damian G. face from 12 years to life in prison.

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