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Warsaw. There will be a left turn from Aleja Sikorskiego to the new housing estates

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Soon the hassle of drivers commuting to the housing estate at Pory Street in Stegny will end. Warsaw’s road builders want to make a left turn from Aleja Sikorskiego, which will significantly shorten the way to the blocks of flats. Work will start during this year’s summer holidays.

As described in the communiqué by Warsaw’s road builders, there is not a single left turn in Aleja Sikorskiego on the section from Wilanowska to Jan III Sobieski. Drivers coming from the south, wanting to get to Pory Street, have to perform many additional maneuvers. First, they have to get to the intersection with Jana III Sobieskiego and overcome a fragment of the street, then turn right twice: into Idzikowskiego, and then Aleja Witosa and pass the same intersection again. Such maneuvers extend the travel time by at least several minutes. ZDM emphasizes that it is also difficult to leave new housing estates towards the center. Currently, residents have to go to Wilanowska, and then to Ksawerów.

Left turn, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing

“The situation will be changed by the reconstruction of the intersection of al. Sikorskiego with ul. Pory at the extension of ul. Leśna Jeżyny. Currently, it is de facto an entrance to a dual carriageway, in which and from which you can only turn right. also turn left” – explains ZDM.

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As part of the planned works, a new pedestrian crossing through Aleja Sikorskiego will be built. The traffic lights mounted on it will be equipped with acoustic guidance, which will make it easier for the blind and visually impaired to cross the road, as well as with automatic vehicle detection and pedestrian detection. “The signaling will therefore work accommodatively – the green light for cars will go off only when a passer-by approaches the road” – indicates ZDM.

Start of work during the holidays

The most advantageous offer in the tender was submitted by Podkowa. The value of the contract amounts to over PLN 2.6 million. “The contractor has 120 days to carry out the reconstruction. Currently, formalities related to the approval of traffic organization for the duration of the works are underway. The Podkowa company expects to enter the construction site in August this year. According to the contract, drivers and pedestrians will be able to use the new facilities in the fall” – informs ZDM.

Road builders also emphasize that developers who will build residential buildings in the Pod Skocznią estate are to participate in the reconstruction costs.

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Deputy Mayor Olszewski on changes in OdolanyMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: ZDM

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