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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Warsaw. There will be speed cameras in the POW tunnel near Ursynów

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The Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport unexpectedly changed its mind regarding speed measurement in the Warsaw Southern Bypass tunnel. First, it will temporarily install two speed cameras there, which it will later replace with segmental speed measuring devices.

When two years ago the mayor of Ursynów, Robert Kempa, asked the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, whether a sectional speed measurement would be installed in the tunnel of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw, road workers replied that they did not see such a need. They explained, inter alia, that “the goal pursued by the system (…) may be achieved by other methods, for example through inspections of law enforcement services”. However, according to the mayor, this type of control of drivers is necessary there, because there are well-founded fears that the situation on the S8 route will repeat in the tunnel, where there are even a few bumps and accidents a day.

On August 19, “Gazeta Stołeczna” returned to the topic of sectional speed measurement at POW. In its pages, the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport consistently declared that before the opening of the tunnel, there would be no decision to monitor the speed of drivers on this section (traffic organization assumes a limit of 80 km / h there). The newspaper pointed out that this would become the cause of many threats.


“Who will take responsibility for the victims in the tunnel under Ursynów?” – activists from Miasto Jest Nasz asked directly on Twitter after this publication. Unexpectedly, in response to the entry, GITD informed about the changes in plans: “CANARD GITD has declared GDDKiA the possibility of installing two stationary recording devices. The introduction of control with the use of the so-called speed cameras is carried out in cooperation and with the consent of GDDKiA and received a positive opinion of the Police.”

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This information was confirmed in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl, GITD spokeswoman Monika Niżniak. – CANARD GITD will install two stationary recording devices. Introduction of control with the use of the so-called speed cameras is already implemented, of course in cooperation and with the consent of GDDKiA. The solution also received a positive opinion from the police, in which it was emphasized that their installation will have a positive impact on the state of security – Niżniak said. And she noted that this is a temporary solution: – CANARD at that time will be carrying out works aimed at the purchase and installation of segmental speed measurements.

GDDKiA: the safety of drivers is our priority

– From the beginning, we have been making efforts to install a sectional speed measurement in the POW tunnel. Initially, GITD declared the temporary possibility of installing speed cameras within the tunnel in Ursynów. GDDKiA and GITD, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure, are working on a target solution ensuring safety in the tunnel – Małgorzata Tarnowska, a spokeswoman for the capital branch of GDDKiA, told us in turn.

She assured that GDDKiA is technically ready to install speed control devices in the tunnel within S2: – This is our goal. Information about the location agreed by the police seems to be only a formality, because we all know how speed control is needed in this area. The cooperation works. The safety of our drivers is our priority.

The tunnel opening date is postponed

We asked Tarnowska about the opening date of the tunnel under Ursynów. – Tests and approvals are underway. The final stage is the preparation of as-built documentation. The contractor is getting ready for a fire brigade inspection. The next step will be to submit an application for an occupancy permit to the Provincial Construction Inspectorate, Tarnowska said.

On July 1, there was a demonstration tunnel for journalists. At that time, the head of GDDKiA, Tomasz Żuchowski, indicated that the realistic date for handing over the investment to drivers is September. – We will try to make the road available to drivers in the fall. Looking optimistically, September is a possible date – he said.

The deadline for completing the South Bypass of Warsaw has already been postponed several times. Originally, the entire investment, consisting of three stages, was to be commissioned in August 2020. It was only in December, just before Christmas, that two sections were opened: from the Lubelska junction to Przyczółkowa. In the case of the tunnel near Ursynów, in accordance with the annex to the contract, the time for completion of works was extended until the end of March 2021.

The reason was, among other things, a long procedure of obtaining a permit for a road investment. Then the investor declared that the drivers would go through the tunnel in the second quarter of 2021, which was also not met.

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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