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Warsaw. They are building a bridge over the Vistula. What about the transition to Karowa? Auction

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Road builders have announced a tender for the design of a new pedestrian crossing over Wisłostrada. It will be marked out at the height of Karowa. The planned zebra crossing will be a continuation of the pedestrian and bicycle route of the bridge under construction to Praga. Local activists pointed to the need to designate a crossing on the extension of the footbridge. The Municipal Roads Authority was for yes, but emphasized that it was not easy.

The footbridge over the Vistula River is being built between Karowa and Okrzei streets. The work is already advanced. The bridge is to be ready at the turn of 2023 and 2024. Road workers informed that a new pedestrian crossing will appear on the extension of the crossing.

There will be a pedestrian crossing

After announcing the plan to build a footbridge, many people asked in social media why the bridge, which naturally should, crossing Wisłostrada, connect Powiśle, and then the Royal Route (via Karowa Street) with the right bank of the Vistula, ends at the boulevards? Why wasn’t one of the bridge’s branches crossed over Wisłostrada?

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Mikołaj Pieńkos from the Municipal Roads Authority indicated at that time that such a solution would make the footbridge lose its connection with the biggest attraction, i.e. the boulevards. A representative of road builders suggested then (in March 2021) how to connect the footbridge with Powiśle in a different way. He stated that it was enough to designate a zebra crossing with a bicycle crossing through Wisłostrada at the height of Karowa. And he assessed: it is within our reach.

Now, more than two years after this declaration, road builders have announced a tender for the crossing.

The money was granted by the Warsaw Council

“The new crossing is to be located in the axis of the bridge. It is to be equipped with traffic lights and bicycle crossings. The estimated cost of designing and carrying out field work is approx. PLN 2 million. This is what the City of Warsaw has granted us. Without additional funds, the implementation of the task would not be possible officials wrote in a press release.

“The planned investment is strategically connected with the construction of a new bridge and will be a continuation of the pedestrian and bicycle route. The bridge itself will bring Praga closer to the center, connecting the revitalized areas of right-bank Warsaw with the Vistula Boulevards at the sidewalk level” – they added.

Road workers are waiting for offers until July 31.

“After receiving them, we will have time for analysis and possible resolution. If the best offer is selected in the procedure, we will proceed to sign the contract – from then on, the contractor will have 180 days to complete the task. After the project is completed and approved, we will be able to announce a tender for carrying out field work.”

There will be a crossing on Karowa ZDM

Pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over the Vistula River

The new bridge will be half a kilometer long and will connect the Vistula Boulevards at the level of Karowa Street with Okrzei Street in Praga Północ. Its width will be variable – it will be 6.9 meters at its narrowest point, and it will expand to 16.3 meters over the river’s current. The structure will be 452 meters long. Thus, it will be 127 meters longer than London’s Millennium Bridge. Pedestrians can walk the crossing in six minutes, cyclists can cross it in two minutes.

Rest areas for pedestrians will be installed on the footbridge. The lighting of the facility will be provided by light sources placed in the balustrades. The bridge will be monitored.

Main photo source: ZDM

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