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Warsaw. They called for laptops and started payments that they didn’t finish. The police detained two people

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They reported to sellers of laptops on advertising portals, and after seeing the equipment, they started payments, which they did not finish. Police officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption detained two people. A 25-year-old and a 23-year-old were charged with fraud.

As described by sub-inspector Elwira Kozłowska, a press officer of the police in Warsaw’s Żoliborz, a few days ago two sellers put laptops for sale via an online advertising portal. Customers interested in laptops wanted to see them in person before buying them. – The buyers and the seller made an appointment in a designated place, where, after looking at the laptops, the transaction took place in both cases. The seller handed over the laptop and the buyer started the payment, which he did not finish, she described. And she emphasized: – Sellers were waiting for money for laptops, but unfortunately they never received it. After a few days, they realized that they had been deceived.

Laptops found in pawnshops

First, the first victim reported the fraud. The case was investigated by the police officers from the Department for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption. – In one of the pawnshops in Praga Północ they tracked down the first laptop. A few minutes later, a 25-year-old man was also in the hands of the officers, who at the same time came to the pawnshop to buy a computer, because he found a client for it, Kozłowska continued.

The police determined with whom the 25-year-old acted and in which pawn shop the second laptop is located. – On the same day, the 23-year-old was arrested and the laptop was recovered – the policewoman informed.

The 25-year-old and the 23-year-old were taken into police custody. – Both colleagues have already heard charges of fraud. One of them will be charged as a repeat offender. The crime of fraud is punishable by up to eight years in prison, concluded Kozłowska.

Activities in the above case are supervised by the Warsaw Żoliborz District Prosecutor’s Office.

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