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Warsaw. They came back from Greece, found a stowaway in a suitcase

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Ekopatrol received a report from the residents of one of the blocks in Ujazdów about an uninvited “tourist” found in the luggage. It was an adult scorpion. – The tenants explained that they had returned from a holiday in Greece that day. While unpacking, they noticed a scorpion among the clothes. They quickly closed the suitcase and called us – says senior inspector Robert Bielski from Ekopatrol.

Thanks to their reaction, it was known that the scorpion did not hide in some corner of the apartment, but remained in the luggage. The city guards opened the suitcase and, looking carefully through the clothes, found the uninvited guest.

The scorpion, in a safe container, was transported to a specialist CITES center at the Warsaw Zoo.

The scorpion came from GreeceMunicipal Police

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Baggage check request

Ecopatrol officers remind that during trips, especially abroad, do not leave open luggage in occupied rooms, and place luggage with non-closing pockets in more difficult to reach places or in lockable wardrobes.

Before returning from vacation, it is also worth emptying your luggage and repacking it only after checking it. In this way, we will reduce the chances of taking a stowaway into the country whose bite can be dangerous.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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