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Warsaw. They connected Światowid with Modlińska, there is also a new bus lane

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From Wednesday, the northern connection of Światowida Street with Modlińska Street was opened to drivers. A new bus lane section was also opened. For this reason, the route of bus line number 900 is changing.

The construction of approximately 130 m of the Światowida street and its connection with Modlińska has been completed. The new road has two lanes – widened to three before the new intersection. Two of them are intended for turning right (towards Jagiellońska Street), and one for turning left (towards the city border). The road in the opposite direction consists of two lanes. From Modlińska Street towards Jagiellońska you can turn into Światowida in two lanes and from the north in one lane.

The northern connection of Światowida Street with Modlińska Street has been openedUM Warsaw

Changes on Światowida and Modlińska

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Both on Światowida and Modlińska streets, new pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossings (on the northern side of the intersection) and traffic lights were built. As part of the investment, sidewalks and new bus stops were built – one on Modlińska Street towards Żerań, after the turn from Światowid; the second one is on Światowida Street – after the exit from Modlińska. There is also a bicycle path, connected to the already existing bicycle infrastructure on Modlińska Street.

The culvert under Światowida Street, through which water flows from the Henrykowski Canal, is made of metal elements, and the banks of the canal are made of gabions (wire cages) filled with stones. There is lighting and drainage and a lot of new greenery – trees and shrubs (maples, snowflakes, cinquefoil, Japanese meadowsweet).

Buses will use the bus lane

Buses on Modlińska Street will use the bus lane. The new section, launched today, will cover the section from Aluzja Street to the new Winnica 11 bus stop. The next section, to the town hall of the Białołęka district, will be launched before the end of the year and will connect to the existing dedicated WTP lane on Modlińska.

Five bus lines run on the newest section: 152, 511, 723, 731, N63. They can transport over 2,000 people to the center per hour. people. During rush hours, between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., approximately 20 buses arrive at the bus stops per hour (approximately every 3-4 minutes). Thus, the bus lane on Modlińska Street will be approximately 7 km long and now reaches from Aluzja (i.e. almost from the border of Warsaw) – up to the AK route (to Elektronowa Street).

Modlińska – Światowida intersection

The 900 will drive differently

From January 8, 2024, the Capital City Transport Authority will use the new route on weekdays on line 900 buses, which will run along the route: SINGLE MOTHER’S HOUSE – Chlubna – Czajki – Przylesie – Animuszu – Prząśniczek – Modlińska – Światowida – WINNICA. As a result of this small change, line 900 will provide convenient connections with trams and buses on the Winnica loop. At the new stop Winnica 11, behind the intersection towards J. Mehoffera street, buses of lines 511, 723, 731 and N63 will stop on request – towards the METRO MŁOCINY / ŻERAŃ FSO / DW loop. CENTRAL.

The contract for the construction of a section of Światowida Street by the company PORR SA selected in the tender was signed in May 2022. The cost of the work is approximately PLN 24 million.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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