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Warsaw. They demolished the Hoża 9a outbuilding. Details saved. Pictures

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Michał Krasucki, the capital conservator of monuments, showed on his website photos of balustrades that had been saved from the demolished outbuilding of a pre-war tenement house. – Several complete brackets were also recovered, which after conservation can be used, for example, during renovation of the facades of other tenement houses – he wrote.

From the ruins of the pre-war outbuilding at Hoża 9a some original details were saved. The employees of the Warsaw Monument Conservator’s Office secured, among others, fragments of the balustrade from the staircase, balcony brackets and stove doors. Michał Krasucki described the history of the preserved balustrades on his website.

“We have recently obtained elements of balconies from a demolished tenement house at 9a Hoża Street for the Archives of Warsaw Detail. they consisted of slender balusters connected at the top and bottom with strips of openwork braid “- wrote Michał Krasucki. “Similar patterns of balustrades and brackets can be found in many Warsaw tenement houses from the same period. The secured elements include large fragments of balustrade spans and larger and smaller fragments of balusters, as well as a fragment of the balcony slab. Several complete brackets were also recovered, which can be used after maintenance eg during renovation of facades of other tenement houses. In the next transport, an almost complete balcony slab will also be added to the Archives “- he added.

They couldn’t go inside before demolition

The outbuilding at 9a Hoża was established after 1880. From 2007 it was included in the municipal register of monuments. Two years ago, the construction supervision authority decided to demolish it. It indicates the risk of a construction disaster caused by a very poor technical condition of the building. On the basis of the inspection and expertise carried out, PINB also concluded that the building could not be saved.

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The provincial conservator of monuments did not agree to the demolition. Representatives of the capital’s conservator of monuments joined the matter, but they could only take care of securing the details when heavy equipment appeared at Hoża Street.

19th-century outbuilding

The L-shaped building is located behind the main axis of Hoża, at the back of the contemporary building. As we read on the website warszawa1939.pl, until 1976 there was a historic tenement house at Hoża 9. Demolished walls formed its back room, an outbuilding.

The property is located on a municipal plot. The city center of the district informed that the demolition is being carried out and financed by the Volumetric company. In return, she will lease the area for three years. It is to be used for construction facilities on the neighboring plot. After this period, decisions are to be made on the further allocation of the plot.

Main photo source: The capital conservator of monuments

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