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Warsaw. They detained two bodyguards. Police: They beat a man, pushed him into a car and ordered him to withdraw money

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Police officers from Śródmieście detained two bodyguards who are suspected of extortion and illegal imprisonment. According to the spokesman of the district headquarters, the men were to beat their victim, shove them into a company car, and then take them to an ATM to withdraw money from the alleged damage to the vehicle.

The incident took place after midnight last weekend in the city center. – The crew of one of the security companies has been called in to intervene in connection with a fight that was to take place outside the pub. According to the security staff, when they arrived, nobody was there anymore. According to their reports, at some point an unknown person ran to their company car and damaged the bumper in it – reports the spokesman of the downtown office, Robert Szumiata.

The bodyguards chased the group of escaped men, in which the perpetrator was supposed to be. – Security staff caught up with and captured one of the men who they believe damaged the car. However, the victim’s account shows that he had nothing to do with it. He also claims that he was beaten by security guards using his arms and legs, and then pushed into a car and taken to an ATM, ordered to pay PLN 400 to cover repair costs for bumper damage, the policeman informs.


“He took the man’s phone and forced him to enter access codes to the banking application”

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As he adds, the aggrieved party did what the security guards forced him to do and gave them money. However, it did not end there: – One of the suspects took the man’s phone and forced him to enter access codes to the banking application to check if he still had any money in his account. When it turned out that he had 400 zlotys, the driver ordered him to pay them. Then he drove him to the place of intervention.

The aggrieved party told the policemen from the city center department for fighting crime against life and health about this incident. – They very quickly identified the personalities of the intervention crew who were on duty that night and arrested two suspects in this case – emphasizes the spokesman of downtown policemen.

Investigators from the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw Śródmieście charged both detainees with extortion of robbery and illegal deprivation of liberty, acting jointly and in concert. The penal code provides for up to 10 years in prison for these offenses. As we have established unofficially, they are employees of one of the largest security companies in Poland.

We also informed about the scammer who he tried to sell his mother’s indebted apartment in Śródmieście, although he was officially dead:

He tried to sell his mother’s indebted apartment, although he was officially deadKRP I

Main photo source: KRP I

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