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Warsaw. They discovered the tracks of the former tram line to Kasprzaka Street

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The builders of the new tram line to Kasprzaka Street have come across relics of the past. During the works, they excavated the old railroad tracks, which were last used in 1990. The former line was closed due to the construction of the Prymasa Tysiąclecia Route.

Works related to the construction of a new tram line to Kasprzaka Street have been underway in Wola since the beginning of March. As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, the first rails have already appeared in the area of ​​the intersection with Karolkowa. The contractor is also focusing its activities at the intersections with Redutowa and Wolska. In the first place, works are related to the underground passage leading to a tram stop, and in the second, preparations are underway for the construction of viaducts.

On Friday, Warsaw Trams announced the discovery of elements of the former tram line that ran along Kasprzaka Street. since 1963. “The last tram ran on these tracks in June 1990. We have just discovered them from under the ground. The tram has been liquidated by the construction of the Trasa Prymasa Tysiąclecia. We will soon dismantle the old tracks and build new ones as far as Wolska” – inform Warsaw Trams in social media.

According to Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for Warsaw Trams, the decision of the city authorities in the early 1990s was not good. “Trams should not be dismantled. Fortunately, next year the tram will again run here on green tracks with sedum,” he wrote on Twitter.

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The former track on Kasprzaka Street remained unused for many years. Portal transportpubliczny.pl reminds that over time they were cut off from the active section of the route running along the Skierniewicka and the eastern section of Kasprzaka. It was not until 2007 that the tracks were covered up and a lawn was built in their place. Until 2016, the traction network still remained above the ground.


They are building a tram to Kasprzaka Street

As part of the investment, tram drivers will build approximately 2.3 kilometers of new tracks between Wolska and Skierniewicka streets. In addition, approximately 1,200 meters of the existing track will be modernized along the Wolska and Kasprzaka routes. The contractor has 20 months to complete the task from signing the contract in October last year. Until then, the three-month winter periods will not be counted. This means that the construction of the new route is to be completed in 2023.

The tram to Kasprzaka Street will make it easier for residents of new housing estates in Odolany to move around the city. Thanks to it, it will take you to two metro stations – Rondo Daszyńskiego and Rondo ONZ. The line will also run near the Warszawa Wola railway stop. Passengers will use new stops: at Płocka, at the Warszawa Wola railway stop and at Ordona. Everyone will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, carers with children and seniors.

Construction of a tram line to KasprzakaWarsaw trams

In preparation for the investment, it was necessary to remove a dozen or so trees colliding with the new route. However, the tram drivers ensure that there will be much more greenery in return. The plans include planting 94 new trees: Norway maple, European ash, English elm and English oaks. They will appear as a complement to the lanes along Wolska and Kasprzak Streets.

Additionally, 413 square meters of ornamental grasses and perennials and 6603 square meters of shrubs will be planted at the platforms, crossings and in the lanes between roadways. “Concrete walls at the stop in the excavation at the intersection of Wolska and Kasprzaka Streets will be planted with climbing plants. Here the green area will increase – on the edge of the track and the Warsaw Uprising Park it will be double, and sometimes even triple, trees” – officials announce.

Construction of a tram line to KasprzakaWarsaw trams

Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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