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Warsaw. They escaped from the shop with a four pack of beer. They attacked the seller, one tried to take a gun from the policeman

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They ran out of the stolen liquor store and attacked the seller who was trying to stop them. Moments later, one of the suspects tried to take the gun from the intervening policeman – describes the police. Both men have already heard the charges.

The incident took place in one of the grocery stores at Marszałkowska Street. On Monday after 8 p.m. two men came in, one of them took a four pack of beer from the rack and put it at the closed cash desk.

– At that time, his companion was talking to the seller, thus wanting to distract him from what was happening. The first of the men came out and the second, who was discussing with the seller, grabbed a packet of beer and ran out of the store with it – describes Robert Szumiata from the downtown police.

The salesman ran after them. Outside, one of the perpetrators was supposed to threaten a store employee with a screwdriver in his hand. The seller got scared and retreated, and the attackers fled. The victim notified the police.

Detained shortly after the incident

Officers from the downtown intelligence and patrol department gave chase.

– They detained both men several minutes later at the intersection of Hoża and Marszałkowska Streets. The attackers were drunk and very aggressive, they did not follow their orders. Therefore, it was necessary to use means of direct coercion in the form of physical force, handcuffs and gas. During the intervention, one of the men tried to take the policeman’s gun away, to no avail. He was instantly overwhelmed by it – says Szumiata.

They had a beer and a screwdriver with them

The suspects found stolen beer cans and a tool that was used to threaten the seller.

They both heard the accusations. They will answer for robbery by acting jointly and in concert, and one of them for attempting to possess a weapon that he tried to take from a policeman.

The penal code provides for up to 10 years in prison for these offenses. The court, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, has already decided to arrest both men for three months.

Main photo source: KSP

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