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Warsaw. They exceed the speed limit and treat the road like a race track. Recording

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“Despite numerous appeals and information about subsequent tragedies caused by speed, we still see that some people treat the road like a race track,” say the capital police, adding that drivers cannot count on reduced fares. Each of the characters in the published film paid from PLN 1,500 to PLN 2,500.

Police officers from the Road Traffic Department of the Capital Police Headquarters patrol the streets and record dangerous behavior of vehicle drivers. “This is what we call exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h,” emphasizes KSP. And they emphasize: “Drivers who exceed the speed limit cannot count on reduced fares.”

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Retention of authorizations and high fines

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The police explain that in the situations presented in the recordings, it is clear that each driver exceeded the speed limit by more than 50 kilometers per hour in built-up areas.

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“In such cases, the police suspend driving licenses for three months and impose fines penalty ticket in height from PLN 1,500 to PLN 2,500 (and in the case of recidivism, even twice this amount) along with 10 points,” they emphasize.

The most common causes of accidents

2,896 road accidents, 289 victims, 3,398 injured – the Statistical Office in Warsaw published data on accidents in Masovia in 2022.

The most common causes of road accidents in the Masovian Voivodeship were inappropriate speed to traffic conditions (21.2%), failure to respect the right-of-way (21%) and incorrect behavior of drivers towards pedestrians (13.6%).

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New tariff and road safetyTVN24

WATCH AS A WARNING: He avoided pedestrian crossings and exceeded the speed limit. Over PLN 35,000 fine and 197 penalty points.

A chase after a 27-year-old through the streets of Pasłęk

A chase after a 27-year-old through the streets of Pasłęk

Main photo source: KSP

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