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Warsaw. They got a report about a man chasing children. He allegedly said that he “wanted to watch because he likes girls his age”

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“Walkers were disturbed by the sight of a man persistently watching and photographing small children playing in the park,” the Warsaw City Guard said in a statement. The young man was supposed to follow the girls.

On July 19, around 7 p.m., the city guards received a report that at the intersection of Modlińska and Księgaków Streets, in the Henrykowski Park in Białołęka, a young man was supposed to spy on and accost children. The intervention was undertaken by a patrol from the 6th Field Division.

“Their reports (children – ed.) showed that a young man had been coming to the park for two days and had been following children, accosting them and taking pictures of them. He was particularly interested in girls. This was confirmed by two of them, aged 11 and 14. When they asked the man why he was doing it, he replied that he “wanted to look because he likes girls of this age” and despite their requests, he did not stop, “the statement of the guard who intervened was quoted in the message.

The girls pointed out the man to the guards, and they stopped him. The 23-year-old from Pomerania was handed over to the police who are to continue the case. We will return to the topic.

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