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Warsaw. They install festive illuminations. How much will it cost to power them daily?

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The employees of the Municipal Roads Authority have started the installation of Christmas illumination. A 27-meter Christmas tree is being erected on the Castle Square, and new decorations are appearing on Krakowskie Przedmieście. Everything is to be ready in early December.

This year, the city’s illumination will beautify the Castle Square and Krakowskie Przedmieście. According to the Municipal Roads Authority, nine free-standing decorations will be located along the entire length. The main tree is to be placed near the Royal Castle. “Every day the installation will take shape and should reach the target 27 meters by Friday at the latest. In the neighborhood there will be decorations for a ‘balloon seller’ and a ‘Warsaw organ grinder’, which should be a special attraction for children” – announce road builders.


But the youngest should also be interested in other decorations, the assembly of which on Krakowskie Przedmieście started in parallel with the installation of the Christmas tree. “There will be a ‘horse tram’ at the monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, ‘chess pieces’ and ‘chessboard’ will be visible in the square of priest Jan Twardowski, and in the Hoover square a ‘rotating carousel’ will be invited to a ride. lovers’, who together will be able to take photos in it and a nearby ‘greeting card’. Additionally, there will be a 54-meter long ‘light tunnel’ at the Rev. Jan Twardowski square “- enumerates ZDM.

As every year, road builders will also decorate street lamps. 108 lighting poles on Krakowskie Przedmieście and 15 on Plac Zamkowy will be decorated with festive decorations, while 63 trees will be decorated with energy-saving eco-LED diodes. “The launch of Christmas lights is planned for the beginning of December. Commercial illumination should be turned on at a similar time, which will decorate the New World” – they announce.

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About a thousand zlotys a day

Christmas illumination is a tradition in Warsaw. “It not only adds charm to the city, but also brings tangible benefits to the city and its residents. It provides additional lighting in periods when darkness is almost 16 hours a day. “- convinces ZDM. And it reminds that in the past, Warsaw illumination has been appreciated many times in European rankings evaluating this type of installations.

“The illuminations consist of energy-saving eco-LED lights. They consume 10 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs. Thanks to this, the cost of powering decorations this year will oscillate around PLN 1,000 per day. Electricity expenditure for Christmas lights is only 0.4 percent. the cost of powering all city lighthouses, “reads the road workers’ announcement.

This is what she looked like Christmas illumination in Warsaw in 2020:

Warsaw shone with Christmas lightsTVN24

Main photo source: ZDM

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