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Warsaw. They plan a park in the wild areas of Golędzinów

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The largest park in Warsaw is to be built in the wild areas of Golędzinów. The City Hall intends to announce an architectural competition this year, which will cover 65 hectares of the Praga bank of the Vistula River. In the place where deer, wild boars and birds reign, paths and elements of small architecture are to appear.

The capital city hall announced its surprising intentions in a statement on Thursday. We read in it that the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, decided to create the Golędzinów Natural Park. A 65-hectare area on the northern bank of the Vistula river, between the Gdański Bridge and the Grota-Roweckiego Bridge, is to be developed. From the east, the park will be limited by a flood embankment, and on its western edge by a steep Vistula embankment. The entrance is planned at the level of the Kamień Educational Pavilion.

The plans of the office are even shocking, because the shape of the Vistula area seemed long and clearly defined. The western wharf has been arranged and intended for entertainment. Wildlife was to dominate the eastern side. It is a vast area full of trees, breeding meadows and animals – you can meet ducks, herons, cormorants, wild boars and roe deer here. The investment declaration is also surprising in the context of the difficult budget situation. President Trzaskowski repeats almost every day that the capital city’s finances are severely damaged due to the pandemic, tax changes, rampant inflation and the unfavorable government.


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Architectural competition for a natural park

Now he announces that the city is starting with “arrangements and securing funds for the preparation of investments”. – On the area of ​​over 90 football fields, a natural city park, unique in the world, with a wonderful panorama of the Vistula River and diverse vegetation, will be created. All this will take place with the greatest respect for nature, which is and will be the most important in this place – emphasized Rafał Trzaskowski, quoted in the release.

Officials intend to announce an architectural competition before the end of the year, which will allow the selection of the contractor for the design documentation. Another traffic jam will be obtaining building permits and other necessary arrangements. After this stage, it will be possible to start construction works. Their scope includes, among others, the implementation of small architecture elements and the marking out of paths and passages in the park.

They want to create the Golędzinów Natural ParkOffice of the Capital City of Of Warsaw

Golędzinów is located in a protected area

“Golędzinów is an ideal place to observe nature, which in this area is exceptionally rich due to the proximity of the Vistula River and the vastness of the area. Nature itself manages what was previously taken from it, and the meadows slowly begin to overgrow with riparian forests. cyclical flooding with water during the Vistula floods “- says the town hall.

As it has been calculated, in this area you can find numerous examples of meadow vegetation, for example, jagged curl or yellow rug. At the same time, due to the former presence of allotments, there are also fruit trees (apple, pear), which today are a source of food for animals.

Golędzinów is a region of the shallow Vistula riverbed, therefore it provides favorable conditions for observing many species of water birds resting on riverbanks.

The future Golędzinów Natural Park is located on the border of the Central Vistula Valley Natura 2000 area and the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area.

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Main photo source: Office of the Capital City of Of Warsaw

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